Science of ASEA: Why You Should Be Using a Daily Multivitamin

Vitamins and minerals are essential for maintaining good health. Your body needs thirteen vitamins and fifteen minerals a day. Although you ideally get these vitamins and minerals through a healthy diet, it’s challenging to be sure that you’ve met your


8 Relaxation Tips to Take Your Mind From Chaotic to Calm

For some people, the ability to relax is simple. For others, it’s like trying to find the ever-elusive off switch to their spinning thoughts. People live fast-paced lives, and when the body has been going nonstop all day, the brain


The Pickleball Phenomenon and ASEA’s Champion Athletes

Pickleball. You’ve heard of it. It’s growing in popularity, but still, not everyone knows quite what it is.

It might surprise you to know that it’s been around since the summer of 1965, when Joel Pritchard, a congressman from Washington …

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