DOT Challenge

Braam Mahlerbe arrives in Rio de Janeiro after three grueling months at sea as part of the DOT Challenge

DOT Challenge Complete: Malherbe Makes Good on His Word to the World

For three months, Braam Malherbe’s blistered hands have done one thing more than any other: row, row, row his boat. In that time, he and First Mate Wayne Robinson have pulled more than a million oar-strokes apiece. Through winds, waves, …

DOT Challenge duo Braam and Wayne are close to arriving in Brazil after a wild adventure during the Cape to Rio row

DOT Challenge Duo Enter Coastal Waters off Brazil

Crossing the Invisible Line to Intensity

An uptick in tanker sightings offered the first sign that the open ocean was now behind our DOT Challenge duo. As Braam and Wayne now row—and anchor—through another open shipping lane, the intensity of …

Braam Mahlerbe During the Cap to Rio Row as part of the DOT Challenge

The DOT Challenge at the 3/4 Milestone

Malherbe-Robinson Row Out of Their Minds
As Braam Malherbe and Wayne Robertson approach their combined 1.7 millionth pull at the oars and reach the ¾ mark of their voyage to Rio as part of the DOT Challenge, their ragged physical …

Braam Mahlerbe rowing to Rio for the DOT Challenge

Making Amends to Mother Nature with the DOT Challenge

On behalf of humanity, Captain Malherbe and First Mate Robertson continue to play the scapegoat for worldwide crimes against the environment. If all goes as planned, they’ll take their 2–3 months of open-ocean lashings, unite humankind in an oath of …

Braam Malherbe Cape to Rio Row Sponsored by ASEA

Braam Malherbe: A Dot in the Ocean

Four thousand miles (6600km) of Atlantic Ocean separate Cape Town, South Africa from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Your options for crossing are a 7–8-hour commercial flight, a 1–2-week luxury cruise, a 2–4-week yacht race, and a 3-month rowboat voyage.

That …