Diamond Summit


Diamond Summit 2018: The Irish Experience

Heading to Ireland in the fall may sound risky from a precipitation probability standpoint, but the only rain that fell was on arrival day. After that, it was clear skies for our Diamond leaders, who took in every moment—every sight, …


Diamond Summit 2019 Destination: Hawaii

ASEA is thrilled to announce Hawaii as the 2019 Diamond Summit location! ASEA’s highest achievers are rewarded each year with a rejuvenating getaway. Diamond+ qualifiers are whisked away to a luxury destination for the Diamond Summit, where they enjoy fine …

breath-taking view at Lanai resort in Hawaii

Diamond Summit: The Ultimate Getaway

ASEA Diamonds took to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii the last week of October for an unforgettable getaway. Diamond Summit 2016 was held at the Four Seasons Lana’i resort, a gorgeous beach hotel with spa-like rooms outfitted with the latest …


Shining Bright in St. Thomas

ASEA Diamond Summit's view of the ocean
ASEA Diamonds headed to the beautiful Ritz-Carlton on the Caribbean getaway island of St. Thomas in November for this year’s annual Diamond Summit.

This Peak Performance event rewards Diamonds for the time and effort they put into building their businesses …