Braam Mahlerbe

Después de Cruzar el Atlántico: Preguntas & Respuestas con Braam Malherbe

After the Atlantic Crossing: Q&A with Braam Malherbe

From February 7 to May 9, 2017, Braam Malherbe lived without land, on little sleep, with immense purpose in mind and two oars in hand. The unprecedented transatlantic events that transpired over that time now stand as a hopeful turning …

Braam Mahlerbe makes final push in the cape to rio row

Malherbe-Robertson Duo Begin Final Push

Cautiously Optimistic
It’s now been two months since Messrs. Braam and Wayne pushed off from Cape Town. And as they row into their third month on the Atlantic, spirits are up, the wind is at their backs, and hope floats …

Braam Mahlerbe During the Cap to Rio Row as part of the DOT Challenge

The DOT Challenge at the 3/4 Milestone

Malherbe-Robinson Row Out of Their Minds
As Braam Malherbe and Wayne Robertson approach their combined 1.7 millionth pull at the oars and reach the ¾ mark of their voyage to Rio as part of the DOT Challenge, their ragged physical …

Braam Mahlerbe rowing to Rio for the DOT Challenge

Making Amends to Mother Nature with the DOT Challenge

On behalf of humanity, Captain Malherbe and First Mate Robertson continue to play the scapegoat for worldwide crimes against the environment. If all goes as planned, they’ll take their 2–3 months of open-ocean lashings, unite humankind in an oath of …