The ability to expand your business reach is limitless. In the digital era, you aren’t bound by the constraints of geography to reach your potential customers. These days, if you are not using social media to build your business, you are choosing to get left behind. Targeting a younger generation of prospects means meeting them where they’re at in the online sphere. Millennials and Gen Zers are digital natives who have come of age in the wake of a mobile digital revolution. Learn how to use social media for a younger audience and win their business and their loyalty.

Using social media for a younger audience 

The changing landscape of connectivity has opened up a wide range of areas to reach your customers. Millennials and Gen Zers are 25% more likely to connect with brands via online content than any other generation. Currently, these demographics make up about 35% of the US workforce, and 85% have a social media profile. Combined, they’re also the largest group in US workforce history and are gaining more and more purchasing power. They expect to have a relationship with companies they do business with, and those relationships are largely built online. Social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram are where people tend to search for things and make decisions before they make a purchase or investment.

They want to connect with an ethos

If you’re looking to engage with a younger audience, you’ll want to highlight the ASEA company ethos. A recent study showed that Millennials and Gen Zers care very deeply about social issues like equality, inclusiveness, and environmental sustainability. They expect to see businesses they buy from to share content that speaks to the values that they care about. They engage most with posts and discussions centered on people over profit. Showcasing the ASEA ethos values of humanity, authenticity, collaboration, and sustainability—and how you personally embrace those values in your own life—is a great way to create content that engages this audience.

They respond to video and visually exciting content most

As voracious consumers of visual media, younger folks are drawn in when there are colorful, fun visuals and videos they can watch. Crafting short, eye-catching videos on Instagram that concentrate on your business and branding will help you stay instantly recognizable to your followers and customers. Because your target audience will want a unique visual experience that is fun, attractive, and highly distinctive, using the ASEA content designed by professionals will help you speak to the heart and mind of your ideal young market. Use images from the VO Library or simply repost content from ASEA’s global Facebook and Instagram profiles.

They keep up with social trends and so should you

By growing your reach and building a greater following on social media, you’ll be able to keep up with any mentions of your brand, stay in the know about your industry, and keep tabs on what your competitors are doing to engage a younger audience. By creating eye-catching posts, stories, and videos that mention or speak about the latest trends online, your customer base will see your social pages as a source of knowledge and reliability where they can learn and explore. Scheduling your posts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube will help you retain more followers, help your business build further and faster, and keep you in the know.

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