In the final days of 2022, ASEA Founder Tyler Norton sat down and recorded a year-end message to share with ASEA Associates around the world. The message of gratitude, reflection, and goal-setting went up on the ASEA Virtual Office home page as we entered 2023—and we’ve now adapted it as an article. See Tyler’s words below:

I wanted to take a minute as we wrap up another successful year here at ASEA and express appreciation and gratitude for all of you. In fact, gratitude is the word that most frequently comes to mind when I think of the end of the year.

Gratitude for you and 2022

I want to express my gratitude for 2022. In many ways, it was a challenging year as we dealt with economic and global challenges. There is a lot that seems to not be at equilibrium or “normal,” but I truly feel a sincere feeling of gratitude for the opportunity I have to work with and associate with all of you. We’re very healthy as a company, which frankly points to the fact that we’ve managed the business with a conservative approach. We don’t have outside investors. We don’t have long-term debt. When the macro economy is challenging, our approach gives us some flexibility. As we finish this year, I want to assure all of you that ASEA is on solid footing.

I’m thankful for our wonderful employees and the people that make ASEA so special. We want you to know that we don’t believe there would be an ASEA without your individual voices and contribution. Anytime you share our message, opportunity, and products—or even our ethos or a principle you might have learned along the way—we feel like you’re fulfilling the mission we have to be a force for good in the world and to also better people’s lives. I would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to express gratitude for your contribution to this great cause and company.

Take time to slow down and reflect

I also want to ask you to find some time to push the clutch in, slow the RPMs down, and write down your goals. I’ve found it to be a very impactful and important thing to take a step back and, with an attitude of gratitude, take a look at this new year and say:

“What are those things that I hope to accomplish?”
“Who are those people I hope to lift and serve?”
“What potential do I want to go out and reach?”

Set goals to grow more with each month

Isn’t it interesting that one full year from now, we will be one year older? Yet, we could be many years more experienced and many years further down the road in powering our potential during those same 12 months if we get deliberate, intentional, and focused on what we want to accomplish. Here are a few examples of what that might look like:

  1. Look at your current lifetime rank or your paid rank and consider setting a challenge for yourself to grow into that next rank. That portends opportunity economically but also impacts other people’s lives.
  2. Pick a characteristic or certain element of leadership that you want to develop in yourself and make it a goal.

From there, you could take those two things and marry them together. Take each week to review small, emotionally doable goals—not things that are big and annual only—but also small day-to-day goals. It might be to read a chapter or even a page in a book that ties to that leadership characteristic you’d like to develop. It may well be something in service of another person.

You may want to set a small goal weekly or daily about how many people you’d like to reach out to and invite to engage with our unique ethos, products, and opportunity. Any one of those ideas will do. Pick a goal, any goal, and give yourself weekly, monthly, or annual goals and get specific about them. Power potential by reaching out to those around you and using ASEA resources that aim to power your potential. Become knowledgeable about what events we’re hosting on the calendar and leverage those resources to your advantage.

Leverage all your resources

My dad always told me that the greatest strategists are those who can find under-leveraged resources. As a strategist, you can see which resources you’re not taking advantage of and then put yourself in a position in 2023 to take full advantage of what’s around you. I used to think of that as squeezing the orange to make orange juice.

There are many oranges we’re growing as a company. We have new products just released last year and new and exciting things coming into the new year that will support your business model. If you join us with our goals for next year and how you can power your potential, I think 2023 can be one of those years that yields a huge growth potential for each of us. Let’s turn 2023 into a great year.

Thank you so much for all you contributed to ASEA in 2022. We love and appreciate you and consider you dear members of our family. Thanks again, and have a great new year. Let’s go make 2023 our best year yet.

2022 year end with Tyler Norton from ASEA on Vimeo.