As professional cyclists and ASEA athletes, Cody and Kathy Waite provide high-performance coaching and direction to other athletes through their personal training business, which is why they are diligent about their own healthy immune response. Most people assume that more training is better, but the Waites believe that success is more about putting your best effort into the right type of training with the right type of supplements to support it. See why this super cycling duo relies on ASEA to help them get over the finish line.

Training always includes recovery for healthy immune response

“A typical training week is about maintaining consistency,” says Cody. “Between two strength-training sessions, two high-intensity sessions, and four simple aerobic sessions, I make sure to include one day off a week for increased recovery.”

As a young professional, Cody was intrigued by the performance benefits he noticed when he trained at higher intensity levels. This method allowed him to push his endurance threshold to higher levels at a slower pace, translating into becoming a masters national champion athlete. Now, his secret is to relish the recovery aspect he feels ASEA® Redox Cell Signaling Supplement provides him. Using the oral supplement daily, he continues to push himself hard in training and recover nearly as well as he did over ten years ago.

A tried and true training regimen

“We provide a training regimen and direction for all the athletes in our program,” says Cody. “Our number one goal is to educate each athlete on the proper training methods and encourage them to put their best effort forth. Listening is the key to being a successful coach. Any coach can spout out advice and instruction, but it’s vital to listen to each person and provide them individualized support.”

Cody has used the same supplement schedule for the last twelve years, and he stands by the difference it has made for him. Every morning he ingests two to four ounces of ASEA Redox, takes each of his ASEA VIA™ vitamins 15 minutes after waking with 30 ounces of water, then uses RENU28® Revitalizing Redox Gel after each workout, and ends the day with another two to four ounces of ASEA Redox before bed.

“I wouldn’t have been the same athlete or coach without the support of ASEA products in my career. They have allowed me to succeed as an athlete by maintaining my body’s cellular communication and helping me keep up with younger athletes around me.”

Each athlete is different and powerful

Kathy’s approach to coaching is to help athletes reach their full potential on a mountain bike while enjoying the process along the way. While there is much to be learned about yourself when you commit to high-level training in a sport, it’s important to encourage each person to be kind and gracious to themselves throughout the ups and downs of a long season.

The Waites often remind their team that athletes aren’t robots and they need to be flexible rather than rigid in their approach to training. Learning the components of your sport is great, but even more rewarding is learning to trust your own intuition.

Tackling life, one day at a time

Aside from their professional career, the Waites have a packed schedule full of adventures, thanks to their three teenage children. Kathy keeps up with the physical, mental, and emotional demands by keeping her healthy immune response in check. She spends hours each week reviewing data from her athletes’ training, checking on each of them, and helping them address whatever concerns they might have. Dealing with so many elements would be exhausting if she wasn’t prioritizing her body’s needs.

“I am grateful for how ASEA products help me recover quicker,” says Kathy. “I feel confident that they give me the optimal chance of combating the normal wear and tear that comes with training and also help me maintain a healthy immune response, which ultimately helps lead to increased fitness and a better chance at success for our team.”