University of Texas at San Antonio long-distance runner Jake Smith is a runner who has already gotten the attention of elites in his field. His performances at the Arizona State Championships, being a three-time winner of the City Championships, and his top-tier placement in the Indoor Conference Championships in 2021 are only part of the reason why. He’s felt ready to compete in these events with the supplements he uses to maintain his cellular health for proper recovery.

Training with champions

“The fun thing about running is that, when it comes to workouts, the sky’s the limit,” says Jake, “There are many different workouts you can do to become a better runner and this prevents you from having to do the exact same thing every week.”

Jake typically runs around 16 miles every Sunday, followed by 12-mile runs in the mornings of Monday through Thursday, with an afternoon four-mile run twice a week to expand his mileage. And then he tops the week off with Tuesday and Friday intervals, hills, and tempo runs. He gives himself Saturdays to relax, stretch, and proper recovery.

Proper recovery for better performance

“A product that I use every single day is RENU28® Gel,” says Jake, “It helps me during my recovery so I can perform at my best. The most important thing about being an athlete is to stay healthy and avoid injury. I rely on RENU28 to help soothe my muscles.”

Running 75 – 80 miles a week on a consistent basis can make Jake’s legs feel sore and fatigued, but with the daily help of RENU28 Revitalizing Redox Gel and ASEA® Redox Cell Signaling Supplement, he says he always feels ready for his next performance.

“I use RENU28 Gel before and after every run on my legs,” says Jake, “especially on the spots where I feel any discomfort.”

The cell-signaling difference

Although Jake got a late start in the running world, he has made up for lost time. Now friends with fellow ASEA athlete, and one of the best 800m runners in the world, Luca Chatham, he is grateful for a supplement that focuses on cellular health.

“ASEA Redox has helped me with staying recovered and ready for my next workout,” says Jake, “But most importantly, ASEA Redox has helped support my overall health. The benefits I’ve felt with my immune system, cardiovascular response, and ability to endure has been huge.”