Anyone who has ever attended an ASEA® event knows that these business trainings play a huge part in your success. Those who advance their teams and their ranks attend events, and those who miss out on expert training are less likely to achieve their goals.

Believe in the ASEA journey

When attending an ASEA event, you’ll get to witness firsthand what our compassionate, connected community is all about. Connection plays a powerful part in the journey toward your full potential as a business owner. We take great pride in our dynamic, global community of ASEA customer advocates, field leaders, and associates — who share their passion for health, wellness, and tapping into your inherent potential. Plug into these interactions, trainings, and connections, to build momentum with your peers.

Belong to a group of great industry leaders

ASEA is working towards the future of global wellness through redox technology. When you attend ASEA Global Convention, you will personally meet leaders who know the business better than anyone else and who can guide each step of your journey toward your best. Meet fellow brand advocates, learn from and support each other, and work together as a force for good in a world guided by common values and with a unique corporate ethos.

Become your best self

At ASEA, we promote physical, mental, and entrepreneurial wellbeing. By learning firsthand about our innovative technology and products, you’ll be able to sell these products better and increase your reach. People must buy you before they buy a product, no matter how amazing that product might be. Learn how to formulate your vision, your confidence, and your passion for each product in a way that resonates with people. The stronger your beliefs are, the more people will be attracted to the next-level marketing initiatives you are promoting.

Experience entrepreneurial excellence

When you attend Convention, you’ll experience the difference the ASEA culture can make in your life and the lives of your team. Each of your downline who attends will be inspired to share that passion with others. ASEA strives to turn your passion into purpose through our rapidly growing, multinational direct-sales strategy. Convention teaches your team how to create your own opportunities, share your conviction for a better life, and transform each person—both personally and professionally.

Learn how to take charge of your work and life balance, how to work when, where, and as much as you want while still achieving the results you’re after. At ASEA we believe that income should be earned inline with effort and through building up people as you build your own business. You’ll learn that as you help others reach their full potential, you’ll be realizing yours. These events aren’t about juggling inventory, employees, and payroll. This event is about creating the compassionate connections that are the enduring hallmark of a successful ASEA associate. All with ongoing training and assistance from our expert global leadership and support team. These events are catered to your needs to give you the tools and knowledge you need to take things to the next level.

Pricing, perks, and a spot reserved for you

If you’re someone who likes to save money on perks and pricing, you should buy your tickets now. Early Bird tickets will save you $50 off the final ticket price if you reserve your spot before 31 December 2022. Plus, you’ll save $20 off the final ticket price for virtual tickets if you buy them early. Not only will you guarantee you’ll have a spot for next year’s big event, but you’ll be signed up for all the inside info and details about speakers, breakout sessions, and amazing parties and performances.

Journey toward your greatest potential

ASEA® Convention is an exciting time for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, who believes in their potential and is seeking greater significance in their work, their relationships, and their life. We promote physical, mental, and entrepreneurial well being because our vibrant community and culture of generosity sets up true connections, making every session feel more significant and meaningful than just doing business. This is a lifestyle and a movement. Bring us your potential and we’ll help you power it.