In honor of ASEA Founder Verdis Norton, and coinciding with his birthday, field leaders and executives will observe our annual ASEA Impact Week on the dates of 11 – 17 September. The purpose of Impact Week is to carry on the legacy of service that Verdis created, encouraging all ASEA employees and associates around the world to perform one act of service with the help of family and friends.

Last year’s service

During the first annual ASEA Impact Week, volunteers at the ASEA® 2021 North America Conference joined the US Hunger Project to provide 40,000 meal kits for four separate food banks in areas of high food insecurity. These hands-on meal packaging events empowered ASEA volunteers to make a tangible difference in the fight against hunger. The team worked together to pack meals for families through an assembly line.

Members of the ASEA community from around the world were encouraged to share their own local service projects through social media, and we enjoyed seeing the impact of service acts in many countries throughout the week.

Upcoming service initiative

This year, in partnership with Lifting Hands International, a group providing aid to refugees, ASEA corporate employees will help sort refugee supplies for those displaced by war in Ukraine. The organization has already sent teams to the region to evaluate the needs of those affected. Funds are allowing Lifting Hands to evacuate thousands of Ukrainians from cities under siege, deliver food and medical supplies, and provide Infrared scanners to help search for victims trapped under rubble. The organization is also building and stocking a shelter in Western Ukraine, which houses women and children.

Blankets for those in need

Corporate employees will also use blanket kits to sew warm blankets for local refugee families and children in need with coworkers, family, and friends. The Utah Refugee Connection will work alongside the ASEA® team and then take all finished blankets to refugees.

Raising funds for families in Africa

Field leaders and associates in Europe are taking the initiative to raise funds for families in Africa at the ASEA® 2022 Europe Conference, held over the weekend in Budapest, Hungary. Their goal was to raise $5,000 to donate a freshwater well, which will provide safe, clean, hygienic drinking water for those in need in Africa.

ASEA to match donations

By donating funds to the ASEA® Advancing Life Foundation, you can help those struggling from poverty and disaster, both in your local community and around the world.

Advancing Life has a goal to raise as many funds for families as possible during ASEA® Impact Week. Donate today to double your impact! ASEA® is matching all donations to the Foundation, which means your contribution can help tremendously.

Help someone in need, today