Delicious anti-aging foods packed with antioxidants, water, and necessary vitamins help you look better longer, especially as you age. The right foods help skin glow from the inside out. Sure, you’ll get quality results from serums and lotions, but first, choose these 8 best anti-aging foods for younger-looking skin

1. Blueberries

Blueberries have a beautiful blue hue thanks to A and C vitamins with antioxidants that benefit your skin. Help your skin recover by using this delicious fruit in smoothies, cereals, and fruit cups. Sprinkle blueberries on top of yogurt with flaxseed. 

2. Broccoli

Broccoli provides nutrients for healthy skin and adds fiber, calcium, and vitamin C to your diet. These components produce collagen and protect vital organs from the effects of aging. Broccoli lightly seasoned with Himalayan salt or almond butter is a tasty side dish when eating fish or lean meats. Add broccoli to salads to pasta dishes. 

3. Extra virgin olive oil

The healthiest of oils, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) can lower inflammation and counteract the damage caused by redox imbalance. You’ll also reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Choose cold-pressed EVOO for higher antioxidants and a pure, less processed taste. Use it rather than butter or other less healthy oils when cooking. Add EVOO to vinegar and spices as a salad dressing or with herbs for a delicious dip with whole-grain bread. 

4. Spinach

Give your skin hydration and oxygenating antioxidants with spinach every day. Throw a cup of spinach leaves into the pan while cooking eggs or into the blender with your favorite smoothie. Enjoy a spinach salad with toppings and dressing. Combine spinach in rice bowls and pasta dishes, including macaroni and cheese! 

5. Green tea

Green tea, hot or cold, is an excellent substitute for coffee. Green tea is high in antioxidants and helps the skin flush out free radicals from too much ultraviolet light or pollution. If you’re drinking it as a hot beverage, consider a tiny squeeze of local, raw honey and a cinnamon stick for some sweetness. Add lemon or lime slices to your green iced tea. 

6. Nuts

All kinds of nuts, including almonds, walnuts, and peanuts, add vitamin E, fiber, and fatty acids to your diet. Almonds can be eaten as a stand-alone snack or added to veggies, like green beans, while cooking. You can also enjoy the benefits of almonds by using almond butter instead of regular butter. Sprinkle walnuts on any salad or mix them with other fruits, like apples. Peanuts taste delicious on their own or as an ingredient in some Asian noodle meals. 

7. Avocado

Who doesn’t love avocado on some toasted whole-grain bread? Help your body shed old, dead skin cells quicker by adding sliced avocados to your tacos, rice bowls, salads, nachos, or omelets. You can also enjoy this popular vegetable with lox and bagels or in your favorite smoothie. Some people mash it into a bowl to make a healthy “mud” mask for a homemade facial. 

8. Dark chocolate 

Not only is it delicious and known to release happy dopamine, but dark chocolate also contains flavonols. These lovely chemicals increase brain power and lower the risk of heart disease. Every once in a while, chocolate and a small glass of red wine can do the trick. You can also add dark chocolate to any recipe that calls for milk chocolate. Dark chocolate flakes also add a dose of sweetness to smoothies and popcorn. 

How to have younger-looking skin 

Food is medicine you put in your body every day. By choosing anti-aging foods high in protein, healthy fats, and antioxidants, you fuel yourself with ingredients that keep you looking and feeling your best. Choose these 8 best anti-aging foods for younger-looking skin. Then combine them with exercise, full-body skin care products, and other healthy habits to enjoy beautiful skin no matter your age.