Our 2022 Next Level strategy is all about helping you grow your business—and doing it in a better way. That’s why we’re excited to announce the new ASEA® Beauty Expert Board.

When you’re surrounded by a community of supportive people and empowered with resources, you can better fulfill your vision of success. Think of the brand-new Beauty Expert Board as a new business-building resource.

The Beauty Expert Board features associates who love sharing their professional personal care knowledge to inspire, empower, and build the ASEA beauty community. Board members will provide education on self-care, overall wellbeing, beauty habits, and the benefits of the RENUAdvanced® Skin Care System. They’ll also share tips and tricks for better beauty and personal care routines and how to power your skin’s potential.

Let’s meet the members of the ASEA Beauty Expert Board:

Deni Robinson
Presidential Diamond Executive

One of the top leaders at ASEA, Deni Robinson is respected throughout industry circles for both her daily work and personal care standards. She is a favorite speaker at multiple industry conferences, but nowhere is she more at home than when appearing—as host or guest—for ASEA leadership and beauty forums.

Eszter Bajnai
Yogi, Platinum Executive

A passionate surfer and avid meditator, Eszter Bajnai followed the good energy of her ASEA sponsor to find redox balance for her life, wellness, and beauty goals. Eszter follows a daily ritual of meditation and surfing before networking and collaboration to center herself and see others.

Valeriia Veksler
Wellness nurse and esthetician, Director700

While completing her nursing internship alongside physicians, nurses, and administrative staff, Valeriia Veksler learned from facial plastic surgeons and helped run social media marketing. Today, Valeriia works at Humber River Hospital while also sharing redox skin care, wellness, and beauty tips with her thousands of Instagram followers.

Give your new Beauty Expert Board members a warm welcome.