Dexter Yeats is one of a half dozen athletes in her age bracket worldwide to compete in Ironman Triathlons. In 2018 she became the bracket’s Female World Champion while competing in South Africa. And at 76 years old, she is planning on winning more championships and tackling Ironman races in Brazil, Austria, Hawaii, and Mexico just this year alone. See why Dexter believes ASEA® products are a key part of her ability to train, recover, and keep her body in top physical condition.

Training for world championship races

“A typical training week for me includes two swim workouts between 3,000 and 5,000 yards each,” says Dexter, “I follow those up with two bike rides and two training runs throughout the week. Ironman races consist of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2 full marathon run, all within a 17-hour time limit. Needless to say, recovery is highly important to me, and that’s where ASEA comes in.”

Dexter explains that before she was introduced to ASEA, her training schedule was grueling and almost impossible to keep up. However, after she started taking ASEA® Cell Signaling Supplement every day, she noticed a difference in her performance within two months. Since using ASEA Redox, she has qualified for seven world championships.

Rest and recovery

“The ability to recover and get back out there every day is essential to accomplish what I need to do in order to compete,” says Dexter, “I start every day with an eight-ounce pouch of ASEA Redox, then I consume another one during each training session. When I go to bed at night I use RENU28® Revitalizing Redox Gel to soothe and cool my muscle discomfort. With this routine, I’ve experienced my best recovery.”

In the past when Dexter has ridden 100-mile bike rides, she usually needed days to rest and recover. Now that she uses ASEA products, she says that she can hit up the pool for a long swim or start a run workout the next day. And she believes that topping those workouts with another pouch of ASEA Redox aids in her ability to endure this extensive training at an older age.*

Recognition for winning championships and goals for the future

Dexter makes sure to wear her ASEA branded clothing wherever she goes in an effort to spark conversations with other athletes and folks in her field. Meeting all types of people from around the world has motivated her to explain her passion for ASEA® products, which has led to other exciting opportunities. Recently she was recognized by a quilting magazine for her talent in quilting and her competition strength.

“They featured one of my handmade quilts on the cover of the magazine,” says Dexter, “And inside there was a picture of me holding my bike. Not only did I have to train for an upcoming race in Cozumel, but I had several quilts I had to finish to feature in the magazine. I’m proud to say that I once again won my age group in Cozumel. I am the oldest female to finish that race and have competed six times. ASEA products are what I credit in helping me achieve it all.”



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