After launching the new ASEA® Cell Performance category of products Powered by Redox™ at We Are Innovation: ASEA® 2022 Global Convention, ASEA President and Chief Operating Officer Scott Aldred took a moment to share the guiding philosophy behind the new category. This philosophy not only led to the creation of a new product category for ASEA, it defines our overall product development focus for future products and technologies. Take a look at our unique methodology that helps our scientists and strategists come together to create innovative redox products at ASEA.

The ASEA product development philosophy of redox innovation

At ASEA, we believe that maintaining healthy redox reactions is vital to cellular health and a person’s overall well-being. We leverage the science and principles of redox—and tap into our history of redox innovation and global redox expertise—to develop unique formulations that deliver immediate and sustained results at the cellular level.

With this focus, our innovative products help your body, mind, and skin find balance with these redox reactions—enhancing your cells’ ability to perform, self-regulate, protect themselves naturally, and recover more quickly.

Four practical considerations

Guided by that philosophy throughout the multi-year product innovation process for our Cell Performance category, our team carefully analyzed four areas of product experience to ensure we created the best products possible for you:

Research and scientific validation
Production costs and marketability
Sensory experience (taste, solubility, smell, touch, feel)
Global manufacturing and regulatory compliance

Four redox principles for ingredient selection

Even with a core philosophy in place that prioritizes redox balance and practical market considerations established, there was a lot to consider in the ingredient-selection process to reach our desired results. To do this, we set out to use only ingredients that would allow our products to maximize redox principles in four areas:

Gene regulation
The cell’s process for reading information encoded in a gene and using it to directly assemble a protein.

The body’s process of using select compounds to protect cells against harmful agents such as free radicals.

Adjust and recover
The cell’s process for adjusting their systems to recover balance and helping maintain structural integrity and normal function.

Adaptive response
The process of inducing an adaptive beneficial effect on the cell or organism by exposing it to a low dose of an agent that is damaging at a higher dose.

The latest redox innovation: Cell Performance

Each product in the new ASEA Cell Performance category—REDOXEnergy, REDOXMind, and REDOXMood—gives your cells the targeted boost they need not to just perform but excel. With ingredients selected to support one or multiple redox principles—and through proprietary ASEA redox blends that aim to balance oxidants and antioxidants—you’ll start to empower your cells to trigger their own natural redox homeostasis, so your cells perform, enabling you to do more.

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