Our fast-paced society demands a lot from us which is why products that boost your energy, mind, and mood can help.  It keeps us on the lookout for ways to increase our energy, improve our vitality, and keep a lid on our moods. Physically, the answer is in our cells. If they keep performing, so do we. When we provide what the mitochondria need to power optimal cell performance, we can thrive even in a stress-filled world that bombards us with a growing number of dietary and environmental toxins. 

It all comes down to cellular performance

Our ability to meet the demands and stressors we are faced with today relies on how well our cells function. If our cells are damaged, distressed, or otherwise poor, our body isn’t up to the job it was designed to do, and the regenerative processes we once took for granted are in serious jeopardy.

I am so excited to share the three new ASEA Cell Performance products that boost energy, mind, and mood. The leader in advanced cellular performance products, ASEA has once again proven the ability to both recognize the need for and formulate products that get to the root of today’s most pressing health concerns—assisting the body’s natural ability to produce and maintain a proper balance of redox signaling molecules.

ASEA recognizes that through the process of redox signaling—those intricate cellular messages that are called upon to protect and rejuvenate cells—we can empower our body at a cellular level to meet the challenges we face today.

New easy-to-use mixes are Powered by Redox using strategically selected ingredients scientifically proven to trigger redox signaling pathways. This new proprietary trio delivers first-of-its-kind solutions to three of the most pressing health concerns we face today.

Cutting-edge answers for modern-day challenges

  • REDOXEnergy: Our hectic modern lifestyle is the source of much stress, and our body cries out for healthy solutions. ASEA delivers with this energy source that delivers an energy blend designed to boost both physical and mental energy. REDOXEnergy includes Guarana as a natural source of energy, L-theanine for focus and mood boost, Ginseng extract to combat oxidative stress, and vitamin B3, B6, B12 to support your body’s natural energy and cell protection.*
  • REDOXMind: Hang onto your cognitive abilities with this revolutionary new product. Improve your focus, increase your cognitive ability, and preserve your short-term and long-term memory with this proprietary blend, including Zinc which helps manage brain chemicals, shortening response time and alleviating mental stress so you can stay focused and sharp, and a Nootropic Blend, which supports neurotransmitter functions to help your brain retrieve and relay information.*
  • REDOXMood : We all know the feeling of being overwhelmed and not performing at our best. We may not realize that chemical deficiencies often drive our adaptation to stress. ASEA has a solution to this problem with REDOXMood. This game-changing product is a proprietary blend of GABA which enhances neurotransmitter levels that help regulate mood, reduces oxidative stress in the central nervous system, and improves redox balance, L-Tyrosine to support elevated expression of redox enzymes to help regulate mood, Rhodiola Rosea and Ashwagandha which helps your body regulate stress hormones to create a feeling of relaxation, Saffron which supports fighting stress for better sleep, leading to improved overall mood, and B Vitamins and natural herbs to help regulate your stress hormones to improve relaxation.*

With a sharp mind, increased energy, and the power to rise above the stressors that often jeopardize our physical and mental health, there is nothing we can’t do! ASEA is your BFF as you walk through life’s challenges.

Yours in health, Ann Louise

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.