As the daughter of professional Brazilian volleyball athletes Ray and Val, Melissa Fuchs Powell is dedicated to upholding her family’s impressive athletic legacy. After moving to Brazil from Utah to train regularly over the course of the pandemic, she has ramped up her daily routine with a training and recovery drink. She credits ASEA products for helping her maintain her work ethic.

The training and recovery drink for professionals

With her goals reaching higher than ever before, this athlete is tapping into the non-toxic, cellular performance power of ASEA® Redox Cell Signaling Supplement for training and recovery.

“I practice every day,” says Melissa, “And I lift three to four times a week as part of my training. Then I go to physical therapy for a recovery session once a week. I notice a big difference in my energy levels and recovery when I drink ASEA Redox.”

Taking things to the next level

Over the last year, Melissa has qualified for and competed in several big beach volleyball tournaments. Most notably, she and teammate Tambre Nobles took first place in the Arizona Women’s Open this January. She also competed for Team USA, finishing 9th on the World Tour, and played on the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship in Brazil.

She also opened a successful professional beach volleyball training organization in Utah, Project Beach Utah, that now includes over 70 athletes in its camps, clinics, and tournaments. Her journey continues with a goal to finish on the podium representing team USA at the AVP Professional Tour this summer in the United States. The secret to Melissa’s success is in the constant visualization of her goals.

“When I am preparing for tournaments, I write down three focus words,” says Melissa. “These allow me to visualize the competition rather than get caught up in the present moment.”