The last two years were unprecedented in the history of the world. A light was shown on many aspects of society and the things that matter most to us. We learned through a global pandemic not to waste a single moment with the ones we love and to take action when we see that our neighbor is struggling. Our company mission is to better people’s lives and to be a force for good in the world—and it all starts at our own home base.

The value of humanity 

As we think today about the great example and sacrifices of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, we are struck by his continued humanity and his ability to see people as people. We know that platitudes and words can only go so far in capturing the incredible things Dr. King did for society. But heartfelt action—from simply listening to others when they are struggling, to aiding them in overcoming adversity—can matter tremendously.

Doing our part in remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr.

That’s why in 2021, ASEA implemented direct change for each of our employees. For the first time, Martin Luther King Jr. Day became a paid holiday for each of our corporate employees. From that point forward, our corporate offices and production facility will close on this federally observed day of remembrance.

Not only does this gesture give us as a company a chance to offer our incredible employees some extra time with their families but, most importantly, it gives each of us a chance to remember the great sacrifices of Dr. King and to contemplate his legacy. We are hoping that through this small course of action we can be an example in our industry and help other companies to follow suit.

Heading towards a better future

Hopefully, the lessons we’ve learned in the last two years will act as a catalyst for change for each of us to cherish our relationships, value every person we interact with, and actively help those in need. We have Dr. King to thank for his example of triumph, perseverance, and humanity.