SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, November 18, 2021/ PRNewswire/ – ASEA, a global leader in redox technology, announced today changes to and expanded roles among its executive team to position the company for further growth. Current President Jarom Webb is expanding his role on the ASEA Board of Managers as vice chairman and founding executive, Scott Aldred has been promoted to president and will continue as chief operating officer, Dave Wall has been promoted to executive vice president and will continue as chief financial officer, and Ben Tyler has been promoted to chief legal officer and will continue as the corporate secretary for the ASEA Board.

“Since ASEA’s founding 12 years ago, we have experienced incredible growth,” says ASEA Founder and Chair Tyler Norton. “Not only have we been profitable every year since our founding—including the very first years, when many companies struggle just to break even—but we have expanded into 33 markets across the world and our revenue has more than doubled in just the past few years alone, even in the face of a global pandemic.

“We aim for even stronger growth moving into the future,” continues Norton. “This forward-looking growth will come from developing even more innovative redox-based products, growing our customer base, providing stronger support and resources for our global associates, and continuing to structure our corporate leadership team and reporting relationships in the most effective ways to help ensure our growth.”

Jarom Webb, Vice Chairman and Founding Executive

With that future growth in mind, Jarom Webb will no longer be involved in the day-to-day operations at ASEA but will expand his role on the ASEA Board of Managers as vice chairman and founding executive. Webb has deftly served as ASEA president for 10 years and has been with the company since its founding 12 years ago. He was one of the first executives hired, starting with ASEA as CFO. He later became COO before accepting his position as president and helping drive ASEA to the company it is today.

In this new role—and in partnership with ASEA Founder and Chair Tyler Norton and CEO Chuck Funke—Webb will bring his more than 20 years of experience in the direct sales industry, as well as his 12 years of experience and passion for ASEA, to this role on the Board of Managers. He will continue to be an advocate for the company, products, business opportunity, and associates—all while also overseeing the strategic direction of ASEA from his role as vice-chair to support long-term, year-over-year growth.

“Like Tyler and the rest of our executive team, I am excited about my expanded role,” says Webb. “I’m looking forward to bringing new insights to our company, continuing to interact with our field leaders and associates at select field events, and growing the mission, vision, and values of ASEA.”

Scott Aldred, President and COO

Scott Aldred joined ASEA nine years ago and brings more than 30 years of operations, sales, and business development experience. Aldred has played a pivotal role in advancing ASEA’s vision of becoming the recognized global leader in cellular health and redox-based technologies and achieving worldwide distribution of ASEA’s life-changing products, financial opportunity, and culture. In this new role

as president and COO, Aldred will continue to oversee ASEA operations, including the Redox Center, quality assurance, supply chain, and associate support, and in addition will now oversee science, regulatory, and product development. With his elevated responsibilities and new position, Aldred will provide streamlined support for ASEA’s global infrastructure growth and execution and continued leadership, and focused direction of ASEA operations.

Dave Wall, Executive Vice President and CFO

Dave Wall has directed the intricacies of ASEA’s financial function since 2011 and has been integral to the company’s growth and expansion into global markets, with attention to tax and accounting regulations, banking and payment processing, and cash management and treasury oversight. Wall brings to the team more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry with 15 of those years in the network marketing channel. In this new role as executive vice president and CFO, Wall will continue to oversee ASEA finance—which includes treasury, accounting, and tax—and he will now also support IT and human resources. With his expanded responsibilities, Wall will focus on aligning these teams for the company’s future growth.

Ben Tyler, Chief Legal Officer

When Ben Tyler joined ASEA eight years ago, he brought with him more than 20 years of experience as the general counsel for some of the largest companies in the direct sales industry, as well as an additional 10 years of courtroom litigation experience. In this new role as chief legal officer, Tyler will increase his focus on risk management imperatives and oversee ASEA legal, international development, and associate conduct and education.

“I’m excited about these changes,” says Founder and Chair Tyler Norton. “Just as importantly, I am grateful to Jarom, Scott, Dave, and Ben for their contributions going back to our earliest years and the expanded roles they are taking on to drive ASEA’s future growth.”

“We have every confidence that these expanded roles and the organizational changes accompanying them will allow ASEA to more aggressively enter its next phase of growth,” emphasizes CEO Chuck Funke. “We are extremely fortunate that these changes were all made with highly talented and trusted executives from within the organization.”


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