In only a few more weeks the We Are Opportunity event will take place in Nashville, Tennessee. Four days of exceptional leadership training, inspiration, and networking with global industry experts and leaders on September 8 – 11, 2021 provide an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

Events Bring Exceptional Insight

Ambassador Triple Diamond executive and 2020 Business Builder of the Year, Dr. David Silverman knows a thing or two about how attending events can help propel your business. He broke into the Ambassador ranks in 2017 and has advanced every year since then. He credits ASEA with bringing his family financial stability and freedom of time. 

“If you are hungry enough to succeed you must make it a priority to come to Nashville,” says Silverman. “You might think you can’t make it because you are having a financial hardship or may not have the time, but what you get out of the event is immeasurable.”

A Gift You Can Share With Others

Silverman calls ASEA® products a gift. He reminds his team that while not everyone is experiencing health concerns, they are getting older, they will need it on their radar, and they all know someone whose health they are concerned about. ASEA products can help others prioritize a healthier lifestyle, which is a major concern in the world right now.

“Often associates might be intimidated by investing in their business because they view others as bigger fish in the pond,” says Silverman, “Never assume anything. You never know what’s going on in their lives. You never know who needs these products or this opportunity in their lives. The way to understand how to grow your business is by attending leadership events.”

The Drive to Achieve Dreams

In case you’re still not sure how he feels about the importance of attending events, Dr. Silverman had this to say, “You’re killing your dreams if you don’t go to Nashville. You need to be there. I want to make sure that everyone knows how important it is—this is your future we are talking about. ASEA hasn’t had an event like this since our convention in Las Vegas two years ago. As a society, we haven’t had any of these kinds of events since 2019. Any one of these field leaders will tell you that if you run an ASEA business, you must go to these events. It will help change the game for you.”