With ASEA North America Conference right around the corner, top performers in the ASEA Cashville promotion have an upgraded Nashville experience waiting for them!.
The four-night stay at the Gaylord Opryland and the $2,000 cash prize were far from the only motivation they had, though. The idea of helping others continues to be the biggest motivating factor for top ASEA performers.

Motivation to Reach Others

“I am a Redox Warrior,” says 4th place prize earner and ASEA Gold Executive Lesley Adams, “I know that by reaching out I can help improve people’s health and their ability to thrive. This is my mission and my purpose.”

Lesley started sharing ASEA products with her inner circle of family and friends. As time went on, she realized the impact that the ASEA opportunity can have on others, so she made the ASEA ethos of ‘Purpose over Profit’ her main objective.

“I know that, if I share ASEA with as many people as possible, the winning, the ranking up, and the income will follow,” she says. “This isn’t my first priority, but it’s a nice follow-up to my mission to embody the ethos of ASEA.”

Promotions That Bring Personal Growth

“The most rewarding part of the Cashville promotion was experiencing personal growth,” says Associate Rosemarie Lee of Top Choice Wellness. “Seeing the growth of our group and the many lives being impacted through ASEA is something I always cherish..”

Promotions give people like Rosemarie an extra incentive to do more of what she’s already engaged in — helping her team push themselves to be their very best and experience the many benefits of an ASEA lifestyle.

“It is icing on the cake,” says Rosemarie. “We loved the Cashville promotion just as much as we love the Fast4Ward and Fast4ward Plus programs. They give our team the opportunity to thrive in new and exciting ways while boosting our business.”

Helping Others through Healthy Living

“Truth be told, I wasn’t working toward the prize,” says 6th Place earner and Platinum Executive, Darren Weissman. “The most rewarding part is helping others prioritize their health and well-being in an effective way through redox cell signaling technology.”

Promotions like Cashville can help set momentum in motion. “Momentum is the fundamental ingredient to manifesting dreams,” says Darren.

Promote Your Business

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