After a year of uncertainty, the ASEA® Athletes were headed into new territory of event preparation and training. As Olympic-level hopefuls, their goals ranged from improving their personal records to competing with the nation’s best athletes to qualifying for trials. These athletes have no regrets when it comes to the results they’ve seen with their training and recovery after using ASEA products. 

Goals for Greatness

“This year, I was proud of how I handled adversity and an unknown competition season,” says track star Kendra Chambers. “Our track meets were often last-minute, including testing and safety protocols, all while I was trying to focus on running my personal best time in the 400 and 800 meters.”

ASEA athletes Luca Chatham and Jordan Lavender also worked toward trial qualification while swimmer Cody Miller trained for International Swim League. Chatham’s goal was to advance to the final in the US trials in the 800 meters, but mostly he wanted to learn and gain as much experience as possible. Lavender wanted to qualify for the trials but was unsure after fighting her way back from an Achilles injury. 

Redox Recovery

“I wholeheartedly feel that ASEA products helped me in my training this year,” says Lavender. “Along with helping me focus on my health, I believe the products helped expedite my recovery during such a rough time for training.”

Chatham also saw a difference in his event confidence with ASEA(R) products in his arsenal. He was able to avoid hamstring injury and felt more able to stretch and step out to the starting. Miller noticed that his body was able to bounce back more quickly in between multiple races in less than 90 minutes for his swim meets. 

“Recently, my life has become more hectic,” says Miller. “I’m a father now, so not only am I managing my energy levels for swimming nearly 10 miles a day, I’m keeping up with a speedy crawling baby. Drinking ASEA® Redox has allowed me to maintain my routine throughout the day.”

Event Day Preparation

Competition days are different for every athlete, but one goal remains the same—performing at their very best. While runner Kendra Chambers prepares by visualizing and reviewing her race plan and staying consistent, Luca Chatham says he likes to keep it simple with a cup of coffee and breathing exercises to keep his heart rate down and the mood light. For Jordan Lavender, she likes to take in the calm before the storm.

“I like silence at first,” says Jordan, “Silence within myself and watching those around me while taking in the venue and breathing in the air. Then when I’m ready to warm up, I listen to hype music to get myself ultra-motivated.”

Cody also enjoys visualization and then music to pump himself up. But in between each of his races, he always refreshes his palette with ASEA(R) Redox. Kendra Chambers also relies on Redox to get the edge on her competition. 

“ASEA has been instrumental in my recovery during and after events, which helps me to prepare for the next race,” says Kendra, “I’ve seen an increase in my endurance and what I couldn’t do before as far as maintaining my speed for longer periods, now I have no trouble at all.” 

Redox Race Results 

Each athlete is proud of where they landed when the competition results were said and done. Luca Chatham gained a big PR in the 800-meter race, Cody Miller signed with the DC Trident professional swim team, and will compete in the International Swim league in Italy this month. Jordan Lavender and Kendra Chambers both qualified for the Olympic Trials, with Kendra running her second-fastest time ever and placing 24th overall. 

“I’m proud of the way I was able to adapt quickly and run Olympic trials qualifying time to place among the best athletes in the world. ASEA helped me greatly. It’s been a major key to my success on the track.”