The human heart is amazing. It is about the size of a fist and beats roughly 115,000 times a day. It pumps 2,000 gallons of life-giving blood daily through veins that extend over 60,000 miles. Everyone knows that without a heart a person could not survive, but did you know that many people survive with a poorly functioning heart? 

When the heart isn’t working well, quality of life drops fast. Revamping your lifestyle to ensure heart health can make a huge difference Fortunately, there are some easy-to-implement healthy heart tips. If you want to make a change, choose one or two and start making a difference.

1. Quit Smoking

Alright, alright, so maybe this step to heart health isn’t so easy-to-implement—but it is vital. The number one thing a person can do to have a healthy heart is stop smoking, or never start in the first place. (Even secondhand smoke can cause major problems.) Are you a smoker? If you answered no, jump to point number two. If you answered yes, please look into ways to quit smoking. It will make a huge difference in the health of your heart, not to mention your overall health.  

2. Move and Groove

The more you move, the healthier you are, and the healthier you are, the more you will be able to move, so get started right now. Stand up and stretch or twist in your chair. Take a 10-minute walk on your lunch break. Research has found that people who sit for long periods have a 147% increase in cardiovascular events. Here are some great tips for moving:

  • Try yoga. This form of exercise not only strengthens muscles while making them more flexible; it also reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.
  • Mop and vacuum regularly. This has multiple benefits, including a clean house and a nice little workout. Turn up that music and learn how to dance with your vacuum.
  • Choose stairs over the elevator. No need to go to the stadium, just climb the stairs at work.
  • And if you’re really ready to embrace movement, join a gym. Weightlifting and cardio are great for a healthy heart.

3. Eat for Your Heart

Eating healthy does not mean eating tasteless. Did you know rich, dark chocolate is good for the heart? So are green and black tea. Breakfast is also an important meal, so don’t skip it. And while you’re at it, try simply adding one more fruit or veggie to your daily food intake. Tasty, right?

4. Downtime

Sleep is imperative for good health—in the right amount, that is. (Yes, over-indulging in sleep is a bad habit that can make health worse.) The goal is to get 7 – 9 hours each night. Anything less is hard on the body and heart and increases a person’s chances of having a heart attack. 

But sleep isn’t the only form of downtime. Take time to let yourself rest, whether by watching a funny sitcom in the evening (laughter is good for maintaining low blood pressure), meditating, or going fishing on the weekend. Taking time to do relaxing things that make you happy improves blood pressure and heart health.

5. Brush and Floss

Sounds completely unrelated to heart health, right? Wrong. Oral hygiene has a direct link to heart health. Gum disease and heart disease often appear together. That is because mouth bacteria may move to the blood vessels and increase inflammation, and inflamed vessels make it much harder for the blood to flow smoothly. Brush morning and night. Floss daily. If you have a difficult time remembering to floss, buy a little pack of flossers and keep it on your nightstand. Let it be the last thing you do before you turn off the light. ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement helps maintain cardiovascular health and support arterial elasticity. See why Redox helps protect, rejuvenate, and restore your cells. 

The only thing we truly have is time. Why not spend yours feeling physically good? Start today to take care of your heart by making tiny changes. Your future self will thank you. Check out more tips for living a healthy lifestyle, and keep in mind that good health starts with healthy cells.