There is only one chance to make a good first impression. So what does your posture say about you? Maybe, “I’m tired.” Or, “I don’t care enough about myself to stand tall.” If you’re lucky, your posture is telling people you’re strong, healthy, and proud to be alive. 

The bad news is that poor posture over an extended period can actually put stress on your spine, joints, and bones, which causes pain and discomfort. It also compresses your internal organs, making breathing and digestion harder than they should be. The good news—no matter how old you are—it’s not too late to correct bad posture. All you need to get started are some good posture tips.

1. Be Present

This sounds like a silly solution to posture problems, but the first step in improving posture is being aware that it needs to be improved. So, simply being present and conscious of your body is incredibly important for improving posture. How are you standing? What is your spine doing? Are your shoulders back and strong or are they curved forward? Is your stomach pooching out because of the spinal slouch? If so, take a deep breath, let it raise your spine from your tailbone to the top of your head, and then use those core muscles to support that posture.

2. Focus on Alignment

Your body is a sophisticated machine, far more sophisticated than a car. But imagine what happens to a car that is out of alignment. It pulls to the side, the steering is off, and the tires wear unevenly. It’s kind of the same when your spine is out of alignment. One shoulder may be higher than the other, your neck and head might ache, hips can pop, and the body can have random aches and pains. Stand with your feet evenly spaced and your weight evenly distributed over them. Keep your hips and shoulders pointing forward, and hold your neck tall and straight. 

3. Sit Straight

Do you spend time in an office chair? Sit up tall and straight. Use the armrests to help center yourself. If sitting for a prolonged period, frequently inch yourself to the front of the chair and sit tall, realigning your spine, or try using a balance ball in place of a chair. Use a lumbar support pillow or small footrest to return the lower back to its proper curvature. When sitting, don’t cross your legs or lean to one side, and be sure to stretch or stand often. 

4. Phone Posture Matters

When you’re scrolling through emails or answering a text, what is your neck doing? Tilting your head down to look at your phone can put a lot of strain on your spine, and the hours spent scrolling can really add up. Try lifting your phone instead of dropping your head the next time you hear a notification.

5. Drive Like You’re Proud

Lots of people spend a lot of time sitting in a car. This is a prime place for poor posture, especially if the drive is long. It is also a great time to focus on how you sit. The easiest way to do this is to adjust the seat for the best spinal support possible. Move your chair close to the steering wheel, sit up tall, and if your vehicle has a lumbar adjuster, adjust it for the most support. If you’re going for a long drive, take lots of short breaks to walk around.

6. Focus on the Inside

What’s going on inside of your body is just as important as what’s going on outside. Regular exercise will help strengthen the muscles responsible for posture. Do exercises that strengthen the core. Incorporate yoga or light stretching into your workout routine. Stay healthy by taking a daily vitamin supplement. Focus on cellular health by incorporating cellular supplements, like ASEA® Redox Cell Signaling Supplement, into your diet. Eat your fruits and veggies and whole grains.

Posture is about a whole lot more than standing up straight. Good posture makes a person look thinner and younger. It keeps internal organs functioning better while reducing bone, joint, and muscle pain. It also tells people you are confident and proud of who you are. So be present in your body. Sit up tall. Stand proud. Focus on your health. Be the best “you” you can be, on the inside and the outside. You are worth it!

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