Hailing from the small town of Mostar in Bosnia–Herzegovina, ASEA athlete Amina Kajtaz is the only swimmer from her country to ever compete in the Olympic games. She started swimming at age six, following in her mother and older sister’s swim strokes, both competitive swimmers. Her mother was the national champion in 1983.

Before Amina received an invitation from a coach in Croatia to train for the Olympics, she had been swimming in a dilapidated pool in her local neighborhood, which only fueled her to compete at her absolute best. She competed in the women’s 100-meter butterfly at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

She started using ASEA® products in 2020 after hearing about the company from a Croatian friend during training. She became very interested and started reading articles on the power of redox signaling molecules. Her work as a nutritionist and an athlete led her to try ASEA® REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement for herself.

“The first couple of weeks I didn’t feel much progress,” says Amina. “After a month I noticed I had a lot more energy and didn’t feel as tired. I started using ASEA REDOX in recovery between my two scheduled training sessions per day.”

Amina says that she now recovers more quickly between workouts. She has more energy for post-workout activities and her quality of sleep has improved. She wakes up rested.

“I love ASEA. Their redox technology is very useful and helpful for my training and recovery. But I also love the RENUAdvanced® skincare because I’ve noticed my face looking healthier. I appreciate the power of redox signaling molecules more and more with every passing day.”