There are many exciting reasons why you should attend the We Are Opportunity event in Nashville, Tennessee on September 8 – 11, 2021, and the speaker lineup is possibly the biggest one. We took a moment to talk with one of our amazing speakers, Colombian native and ASEA® Diamond Executive Mauricio Munoz, and we’re excited to share what he had to say!

From Tragedy to Triumph

Mauricio knows firsthand how events can propel someone’s business to the next level. He had just experienced unemployment and injuries from a traffic accident before he was introduced to ASEA. In a matter of months, he went from hopelessness to newfound stability.

Events Facilitate Extraordinary Experiences

Mauricio’s first event after starting an ASEA business was not one that just anyone can attend— it was an Ascent trip to the Bahamas that he qualified for through his team’s sales growth in 2017. Still, he had only been with the company eight months at that time and wasn’t sure about how high he could set his sights. The event changed his perspective entirely.

“I fell in love with this company,” says Mauricio. “I still feel goosebumps whenever I think about that experience. I remember listening to our Founder Tyler Norton, who delivered this incredible training that seemed like exactly what I needed, right when I needed it. I gained the certainty I needed to know that this company is my home base and my passion for the rest of my life.”

Connecting with Purposeful People, In-Person

Despite the fact that associates and field leaders are so connected online, Mauricio stresses the importance and intensity of events. “Events are fundamental to a successful business,” says Mauricio, “Not only do you have the opportunity to hear directly from the executives and leaders, but it also gives you the motivation to revitalize your purpose, set new targets, and meet new goals.” After such an unconventional year, we need these events to reconnect with people. Seeing people face-to-face, feeling their energy, talking with them between workshops, and forming those relationships is an incomparable gift.

“Whatever you learn at events, whatever ideas and motivations you have will translate from your head to your heart,” says Mauricio, “When you’re there you can see the vision of this company and truly understand how big this opportunity is for us. Every leader who has been to an event has made a decision that eventually changed the course of their business. The information we are going to get at Nashville will change the way we are communicating the ASEA message for ultimate success.”

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