Promotions are a powerful tool for reaching new levels in your ASEA® business. Building a successful team starts with building a solid foundation, and promotions are the fastest way to create a cadence that can guide you through milestones that will lead to higher ranks.

Syncing Rhythm to Opportunity

Starting a business with ASEA means you’ve joined a culture dedicated to your personal and professional development. The rhythm of your business provides the foundation for residual income and helps you to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Whether it’s supplemental income, higher rank, or a lifestyle of freedom, transformation begins with tackling every opportunity for advancement.

It’s important as a business owner to seize every opportunity, whether it be local market trends, seasonal surges in products focused on self-care, and with ASEA promotions—the low-hanging fruit that can boost your business. Let your rhythm follow the cadence of opportunity.


The latest regional promotion for North American associates is ASEA Cashville. When you enroll a new associate or preferred customer, the volume on their initial product order counts as your enrollment volume. And the more enrollment volume you earn before July 31 the bigger your Cashville prize will be. This means you could show up to the ASEA North America Conference this September with extra cash and a free room!

Check out the Cashville flyer here.

Level Up

Earn extra cash with new autoship volume! Set yourself up for success during the ASEA Level Up promotion. You may earn up to an additional $750 cash reward each month, for a total of $2,250 in extra cash. The more new team members your organization has on autoship the better—because you benefit from enrollees who sign up with your downline.

Check out the Level Up flyer here.

Every new event, promotion, and business tool ASEA makes available is an opportunity for you to transform your business. These should be at the center of your business planning—and not just for you but for everyone on your team! ASEA promotions are designed to lift you and your team in tandem. Don’t miss a chance to take advantage of the boost in your business with every promotion!