ASEA athlete and indoor volleyball professional Melissa Fuchs Powell comes from a long line of legacy players. Both of her parents played professionally in Brazil and both of her siblings played Division 1 volleyball. Melissa is now ranked among the top 70 players in the U.S. Now that she has ASEA® Redox Cell Signaling Supplement as her secret weapon, the sky is the limit for competition.

“I feel like I’m able to compete at a higher level now because my recovery is faster,” says Melissa, “Reaching optimal levels during my training helps me recover the following day and hit practice again at one hundred percent.”

More Training, More Stamina

Melissa noticed during a recent hot and humid volleyball tournament that her ability to recover was noticeably different. Where she would have normally lacked the stamina she needed towards the end of a game, this time around she noticed she was less tired. She says she has experienced differences in her digestion and with her overall well-being.

Easy to Use, Recovery That Lasts

Even while traveling, Melissa makes sure to bring her Redox supplement with her to tournaments in her carry-on bag in smaller containers. She makes sure she has it to hydrate before and after tournaments for better preparation and recovery.

“My favorite thing about ASEA Redox is how easy it is to use,” says Melissa, “All I have to do is drink 4 oz a day and my training and recovery is much better. It’s truly a game-changer.”