The idea of being an involved father has changed over the past few years. Many who previously spent most of their time at the office or away on business found themselves in quarantine at home with their children in 2020. Now that the world is starting to transition back to office life, dads are realizing just what they’ve been missing out on while being away from home. Starting an ASEA business has allowed fathers to live the dream life their family deserves.

“Before ASEA I was a construction manager over a very ambitious project in a remote part of the hills,” says ASEA Triple Diamond Executive Bo Buck. “I was driving back and forth an hour and a half each way over a dangerous mountain pass with occasional rock slides. There were times the pass was closed and I had to sleep on the floor of my trailer for the night. I’d be getting out of bed at 4:00 am and get back home around 8:30 pm. I only saw my family for a late dinner.”

That was part of the motivation for Bo to start—and continue—his ASEA business. 

A Company Designed Around Family

For many working fathers in traditional jobs, being involved in their kids’ lives isn’t an option. But ASEA associates can choose their schedule and set their meetings up around their family. ASEA associates have known long before the pandemic that dads who spend more time with their children feel closer to them. A Harvard study found that dads across all races, education levels, and demographics have changed the way they view their role in family life after working from home in 2020.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, fathers who are more involved with their children have a lasting health impact on their health. Children tend to show better mental and physical well-being as well as healthy development when they have fathers who spend more time with them.

Building a Foundation, Leaving a Legacy

Many parents worry that they will become a financial burden on their kids when they reach their elder years. With the Baby Boomer generation transitioning into retirement and young people struggling financially to buy homes and start their own families, being able to leave a legacy that enhances their family’s well-being is top of mind.

“Not only do we have a life that our kids get to be involved in and learn from, we aren’t leaving them with a financial burden when we are gone,” says Bo. “And that was a huge motivator for us when we started this business.”

Teaching Business & Life Skills

For Bo and his family, their ASEA business didn’t get off the ground until their children were starting to go off to college. But the lessons they were able to teach have set the course for their success.

“Both of my kids work for 100% commission and can’t imagine it any other way,” says Bo. “Not only are they not bogged down by student loans, they work for the same company and compete for the number one and two employee stats every month. They aren’t afraid to work hard, put themselves out there, and build the life they want.”

Bo and his wife Cindy have been on service trips for ASEA’s non-profit foundation and allowing their children to witness the difference ASEA is making in the world has had a big impact on their family.

“The culture and ethos of this company are really what resonates with us,” says Bo. “Our kids have witnessed that in our business life and in how we conduct ourselves. It’s nice to know that the advice and lessons we’ve been teaching have made an impact on their growth and that is largely due to the work we’ve been doing with ASEA.”