ASEA Athlete Myles Marshall is a Texas-born track and field star. He has five state championship titles under his belt and was the youngest American to make the Youth Olympic Games in 2014. Myles graduated from Harvard College in 2019 and is currently training for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for the Tokyo Olympic Games in the 800-meter run. 

Endurance & Speed

As a middle-distance runner, Myles gets to enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to training: Depending on the time of year, he is knocking out 6-8 mile runs and doing sprint intervals of 250-meters on the track. His event requires a distinct balance of endurance and speed. The unique combination of techniques creates its fair share of aches and pains during recovery, which is why he credits ASEA® products for helping him go the extra mile. 

Training for the Olympic Trials

While the physical side of training is intensely demanding, the mental side is equally so. Whereas with the physical his focus is on speed and endurance, on the mental side he is constantly training up his confidence and tenacity to handle the immense pressure of Olympic-level qualifying. ASEA’s RENU28® Revitalizing Redox Gel helps provide him with relief and recovery during his training sessions. Myles says the use of ASEA products has been fundamental in pushing him to what is expected and required of an Olympic athlete. 

Unexpected Discomfort, Incredible Relief

Last year, as Myles’ group was working to regain their fitness after the pandemic lockdown, he began experiencing issues of muscle discomfort. Minor discomfort is a common issue that runners deal with and this time Myles felt a need to manage it proactively to keep pushing himself to the next level. Myles’ track Coach, Rose Monday, gave him a tube of RENU28® to apply before, during, and after his training, and it provided him with the relief he needed.

“RENU28 is a quick and simple way to help my body move the way I need it to during training,” says Myles. “The gel provides cooling effects immediately while its potency means that one tube can last me through my event travels.”

Myles is off to an incredible start to his semi-professional career. After competing in track and field for over 12 years, using ASEA® products is helping him take things to the next level. For now, his focus is on the trials, and it seems like the Olympic podium awaits him in the future.