Staying active and maintaining proper nutrition in your daily life is key to staying healthy. Exercise can reduce your risk of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. An active lifestyle is also linked to improved mental health and cognitive function. A habit just as essential to achieving your health goals is to make sure you’re meeting your nutritional needs. ASEA® VIA™ LifeMax is an active lifestyle and vitality formula that helps similar cellular health, so you can get the maximum mileage from your exercise and nutrition.

Filling in the Gaps

Eating a healthy diet is vital for maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s important to make sure your nutrition is doing as much as it can for you. A diet full of nutrient-rich foods is a good start, but even the most intentional food choices leave our bodies without the nutritional building blocks that complement our fitness. A supplement will help counter the effects of physical stress, natural aging, and cellular damage.

Actively Working For an Active Lifestyle

A daily active lifestyle and vitality supplement like VIA Lifemax can help you fill in the gaps in nutrition. This active lifestyle supplement is formulated with 16 distinctive natural plant extracts that have been identified to help support the body’s natural inflammatory response and counter the effect of cellular aging. Formulated with BioVIA™ Complex, this specialized blend provides the raw materials to help your body to maintain an active lifestyle. High in antioxidants, VIA LifeMax has been shown to have an active effect on the body for more than 24 hours.

Extracts That Pack Extra Punch

Sixteen extracts in VIA LifeMax support nine crucial areas of wellness to help you get the maximum, meaningful mileage from an active lifestyle. An extract of french cantaloupe has been shown to slow down cellular aging and support the body’s natural response mechanism and cell maintenance. It also features herbs astragalus and Gotu kola, which have been shown to help skin appear younger and stimulate cellular health.

Broccoli seed extract acts as a superfood that helps support the body’s natural inflammatory response and prevents oxidative stress. Turmeric also supports the body’s natural inflammatory response and helps maintain normal cholesterol levels. Pomegranate serves as an antioxidant that supports cardiovascular health and healthy cognitive function. This helps improve communication through the gut-brain barrier.

Staying active is one of the most important ingredients for a healthy life, but it helps to have some extra help as you maintain a diet with everything your body needs. Supplements offer a way to stay on top of the game and give your fitness the boost it needs to make an impact.