Leaving a legacy means uniting generations in a common purpose, and no one can do that quite like a mother can. The ASEA family is made up of many mothers who strive to set examples for their kids and make a positive impact on their lives.

Shaping Character

While children don’t always follow the same career paths their parents do, Ambassador Double Diamond Executive Tammi Gates says that can be a good thing: “I think that as parents and grandparents, if we instill into our kids characteristics to aspire to as opposed to actual careers, we are doing them a service. We don’t need to get them thinking about specific professions; we should teach leadership, helping other people, personal growth, and how to work on themselves. They can do or be or have anything they want!”

That very guidance is something Diamond Executive Alyssa Favreau got from both of her parents from an early age. Her mother, Presidential Diamond Executive Deni Robinson, was in network marketing all of Alyssa’s life. And her father, Tom, has his own accounting firm.

“I saw them each sacrifice in different ways,” she says, “but the difference I started to see is that as my dad became more successful, he also became more tied to his job. For my mom, it was the opposite.”

Finding the Right Fit

Still, Alyssa chose a corporate career. She earned a bachelor’s degree and took a job in marketing. Then a mentor suggested she look at the person who was at the top of her organization as a model for her career track.

“I realized I didn’t want my life to look like theirs,” Alyssa recalls. “They had financial success, but their time was not their own. I knew I wanted to be a mother, and it was hard to see how to make my career fit with that.”

Although Alyssa had pushed back on network marketing for many years as she blazed her own trail in life, she eventually realized ASEA offered something she wanted.

Opting In

“I went to my mom and said, ‘Do you think I could do what you have done and make an impact like you have made?’ She told me, ‘If you’re willing to put in the work and let me coach you, yes, it’s possible.’”

Alyssa with her mother Deni

Now a mother herself, Alyssa deftly weaves her workday around her children’s schedules, carving out time when her team knows she’s not reachable and dedicating other parts of her day to building her team.

Alyssa is also building the legacy she’ll leave for her boys. “I hope that whatever they do, they’re willing to set goals for themselves that seem out of reach and that they’ll have the grit and perseverance to accomplish them,” she says.

Catching the Vision

Platinum Executive Jackie Wetzler also took career cues from her hardworking mom, Ambassador Diamond Executive Debbie Wetzler. Jackie was a news anchor at an NBC affiliate but realized she didn’t want to keep reporting forever. She, too, had aspirations of motherhood and wanted the freedom to create her own work schedule.

Jackie with her mother, Debbie Wetzler

“I didn’t want the nine-to-five grind. I wanted to be my own boss and help people,” Jackie shares. She wasn’t ready to commit to network marketing but decided to talk to her mom about it anyway.

Debbie had always been clear with her children that she was leaving a legacy. “She told us she didn’t care if we ever joined her in this business, but it was here for us if we wanted to.”

Willing to check it out, Jackie attended the ASEA 2017 Global Convention in Salt Lake City. She remembers it as the best four days of her life.

A Mother’s Impact

“For the first time, I saw network marketing as a real profession,” she admits. “I also understood why ASEA was brought to market and heard about the lives it was changing all over the world. But the biggest thing for me was seeing the impact my mother was making.”

The two Wetzler women have been teamed up ever since. “She’s my right wing,” Jackie says. “I’m grateful to have her as my upline, my mother, my mentor, and my leader. I wouldn’t be where I am without her guidance.”


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