Water-Skier and ASEA athlete Whitney McClintock Rini thought her career was fizzling out. She no longer felt like she had the energy to get through an entire competition. But in 2018, she started taking ASEA® REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement and noticed a difference in her energy levels. She credits ASEA REDOX with giving her career a second chance. Now she is a mom to a newborn and still uses ASEA REDOX as a daily supplement. She’s also added RENU28® Revitalizing Redox Gel to her daily routine.  
World Champion Skill, Unmatched Products 
As an eight-time world champion water skier, Whitney’s sport has three traditional events: slalom, tricks, and jumps. The overall score from these three events makes up the final competition score, and each one presents its own set of challenges. Whitney practices all three events every day and is currently the world champion. 
“On the days that I’m super busy and forget to drink ASEA REDOX, I notice my body is more fatigued and I tend to feel more soreness with exercise,” says Whitney. “ASEA works on a cellular level to help my tired muscles recover and to give me the energy I need to reset for training the next day. Drinking ASEA REDOX and using RENU28 helps me feel fresh and ready to train. One of my mentors once told me that ‘Rest is a weapon,’ and that’s why I am grateful for ASEA REDOX and RENU28, which aid in that process.” 
New Baby, New Training Life 
Ever since giving birth to her son Zane eight months ago, Whitney has noticed that ASEA offers more benefits that extend beyond training and recovery.

“Anyone who has a baby knows that it can be exhausting,” says Whitney, “On top of the lack of sleep and constantly carrying my baby around as he grows, it can really take a toll on my body. I use ASEA REDOX daily, and it has really helped with my recovery from exercise and to get better sleep.”