This is part 7 of an ongoing series about the ASEA® Compensation Plan. Previous articles in the series have discussed the topics of starting simple, earning at any stage, building your team, Team Commissions and carryover volume, Executive Momentum Pool, and Check Match. Be sure to check them out. 

ASEA pays 50% of all commissionable volume back to associates, and the Diamond Pool is one of the ways we guarantee that. The day you reach the rank of Diamond Executive, you have access to a bonus pool that represents 3% of ASEA’s global volume! Your shares in the Diamond Pool are based on two things: Your paid rank and your personal group volume (PGV).

Personal Group Volume

The volume that will count toward your Diamond Pool shares comes from your personal sponsorship organization—everyone you’ve personally sponsored, everyone they’ve personally sponsored, and so on, regardless of where they are in your organization. 

Paid Rank

The higher your rank, the more Diamond Pool shares you can earn! You’ll start at Diamond with four full levels of PGV counting toward your shares—that’s four levels of volume from personally sponsored associates on each leg of your sponsorship tree.

Every time you advance in rank, another PGV level counts toward your shares! This pool pays from PGV 4 at Diamond all the way up to PGV 12 at Presidential Triple Diamond. Each point of personal group volume (PGV) in your qualifying levels of this personal sponsorship tree earns you one share. 

Weekly Earnings

Diamond Pool share maximums are determined according to your rank, and (you guessed it) they increase as you advance.

You’ll earn your Diamond Pool shares weekly, and you’ll see your Diamond Pool bonus every four weeks.

This is a powerful opportunity for you to benefit from the success of the entire company. ASEA is a global community of business builders. No matter where your team originates, every associate in the world contributes to this pool, and everyone who reaches the Diamond ranks can benefit!