Whether caused by stress, overexertion, or bad posture, muscle discomfort can take its tolllocalized pain ieven one muscle caprevent you from sleeping well and performing at your best throughout the day. See why a multipurpose, skin-priming, cellular-rejuvenating topical gel like RENU28® Revitalizing Redox Gel can help relieve inflamed areas of the body.  
When Stress Causes Sore Muscles  
With a busy life, stress can be something we deal with regularlySudden onset of stress can cause muscle tension and pain, usually in the shoulders, neck, and back. According to Harvard Health, the stress response begins in the brain when our bodies feel oncoming threats and go into protection mode, sending a signal to the nervous system 
Our bodies are hardwired to react to stress in ways meant to protect us fropredators or other physical aggressors.  While today’s stressorsa deadline at work or an aggressive driver on the highway—usually don’t pose a physical threat, the stress hormones that prime us for actiocan still cause us physical discomfort.  
Overexertion and Poor Posture 
Muscle discomfort can also be brought on boverextending yourself during physical activity. Overdoing it can lead tstiffness or soreness. Look out for these common causes of muscle discomfortStartina new exercise routine, exercising more intensively or for longer than usual, or failing to warm up and stretch properly. If an injury is causing significant pain or restricting normal movement, it is best to see a doctor. Iyou are experiencing only a minor irritationapplying a soothing, topical gel can give you some relief.  
Hunching at your desk all day can caussome soreness of the muscles. When you have incorrect posture, it reduces the blood supply to the muscles, which can slowly develop stiffness in the shoulders or lower back. Try writing yourself a reminder to sit up straight at your desk and get up and move around everhour for at least five minutes. Apply RENU28 to the affectearea three times a day to ease temporary muscle discomfort.  
RENU28 for Relief 
Using patented technology, ASEA’s powerful, multipurpose RENU28 gel works best as an overall body primer to cool, soothe, and smooth your skin. It is clinically tested, suitable for all skin types, and easto useRENU28 uses the power of redox signaling molecules to help supplement thbody’s natural ability to renew itself. Simply apply it all over your body and to specific areas of concern tadd and increase in moisture and cooling benefits.