This is part 6 of an ongoing series about the ASEA® Compensation Plan. Previous articles in the series have discussed the topics of earning at any stage, building your team, Team Commissions and carryover volume, Executive Momentum Pool, and starting simple. Be sure to check them out. 


One of the things that attracts true business builders to the ASEA opportunity is the amazing earning potential of Check Match. Each week, you can earn a percentage match on your personally sponsored associates’ Team Commissions! 

As soon as you break into the executive ranks of Bronze and above, you can become eligible for Check Match. 

What Gets Matched?

You start at Bronze with one generation of your sponsorship tree matched and top out at Triple Diamond and higher with seven generations matched. Now, when we say generations, do not get that confused with levels! A Check Match generation goes from one Bronze to the next, down the line of personally sponsored associates.

In each personal sponsorship tree leg, each associate you personally sponsor begins a new leg. That means your Check Match begins with your first personally sponsored associate on any given leg and goes to who that person sponsors, to who that person sponsors, and so on. 

Your first Check Match generation counts everyone between you and the next qualified Bronze+, no matter how many personally sponsored associates are between the two of you. The next Check Match generation starts after that first qualified Bronze+ and goes until it hits the next one in your sponsorship tree. 

In this example, your paid rank is Silver Executive, and you sponsored Ann, who sponsored John, who sponsored Dave, who sponsored Sarah—the first Bronze in that line of your sponsorship tree. Those four make up your first generation Check Match. Your next generation starts with Kara and goes all the way down to Hsin-Pei, giving you seven people in that generation of Check Match.

Awesome Earning Potential

What if there’s nobody at Bronze+ in a given leg? You will be able to earn a Check Match on every single person, all the way through that particular personal sponsorship leg. Your Check Match will do that for every single leg in your sponsorship tree!

Are you seeing the potential of this? Since there’s no limit to how many people you can sponsor, there’s no limit to the width of your personal sponsorship tree. Your income-earning potential is whatever you make it!

Where Your Check Match Comes From

The Check Match you earn comes from a percentage of ASEA’s company-wide commissionable volume. The company guarantees a payout of 50% of that volume to associates. So first, the company takes care of all of the ways the ASEA Compensation Plan pays. 

Once all of the regular commissions and bonuses have been paid, there’s always some left over. That amount varies from commission period to commission period. While some companies simply absorb that back, ASEA created Check Match. That money always goes to associates who qualify for Check Match, ensuring that ASEA pays out the full 50% on all commissionable volume worldwide, every single week. 

Check Match is an opportunity for you to create a real legacy income! It’s the very essence of teamwork—you’re matching what your team does. As you help those you sponsor build their businesses, yours will naturally grow.


This material is intended only for the US market. This is not a guarantee of a particular income. Individual results will vary. Please refer to for a detailed income disclosure statement.