Jarom Webb

Taking Business to the Next Level

ASEA is now 11-years-old. We’ve just passed our 10-year mark. As we look to the future we feel enormous energy with what is possible for this company.

We have something that no other company has and which other companies would love to have. We have a multi-generational strategy using a core technology in REDOX that is so cutting-edge, so life-changing, so unique, and it is truly transformational. It is arguably the very first supplement of this nature to be leveraged inside the industry of network marketing. That technology is exclusively ours and yours. Nobody else has access to it.

We are a vision and a legacy company that is built on an incredibly solid foundation with a strong infrastructure that delivers for all of our associates across the world consistently, even despite a global pandemic. We are a company with strong core values and principles that guide and direct our decision-making every single day. We have an experienced leadership group who are committed to growing with each of you and working closely with your team. ASEA has a deep and committed management team and an employee base that works tirelessly for you and who are genuinely and authentically trying to move ASEA forward into the future.

We have a culture and an ethos that truly sets us apart. With a strong financial foundation and healthy cash flow with no long-term debt, this is a powerful business opportunity that spans 33 countries. This company represents 11 years of changing lives, of growth and performance, of building a strong foundation, and a global legacy.

We Are Just Getting Started

What brings a level of energy and excitement for ASEA that we’ve never felt before comes from this legacy and all that we’ve built— but it’s just getting started. As we have carefully considered our future direction, our future strategy, where we can take ASEA our minds immediately go to how we can take everything that this company has become and take it to a whole new level of growth, momentum, progression, and maturity.

To achieve our vision of becoming a billion-dollar legacy generational company we have to consider the changing environment resulting from this global pandemic. It has accelerated new trends towards preventative health like never before, digital e-commerce like never before, new ways of conducting our lives. The current world circumstances have really changed the way we do things.

When There Is Change, There Is Opportunity

There is a lot of change going on around us, but it gives us a lot of opportunity. We need to consider that these changes shift our focus in a strategic pivot towards the core elements that drive will success in your business and the business of associates across the globe. 

We are stopping all-new market expansion for a minimum of two years. We are doing this because we are investing enormous amounts of resources like people and talent into our existing markets, chief among them is the U.S. market, which is our largest market at ASEA.

We will invest more resources into North America over the next 18-months than at any point in our company history. It starts with simplifying our brand and our message that truly resonates with the mass market. Just like a bell curve, we at ASEA are at the early innovative phase at the beginning before tapping into the consumer mass market.

We are building a world-class experience for brand new associates who are recruited into the business. Our goal is to invest in building a journey and cutting edge technology, to facilitate a way for associates to recruit and create an accelerated customer-base. We see trends that are spurred on by digital e-commerce and consumption. This gives each of you the opportunity to expand your recruitment of customers, which is effectively the next generation of ASEA leaders for your team.

Technology Backed by Expert Scientific Research

We are investing in scientific research, validation, and increased awareness of REDOX in general as well as in our REDOX technology. We are investing in a brand new research and development function. We hired a chief science officer, we’ve engaged PhDs, we’ve surrounded ourselves with medical professionals and other credible professionals in REDOX. We did this not only to bring credibility to REDOX but to advise us and to engage in research in new areas where can take REDOX into the future. We believe that REDOX is more expansive and is bigger than just one product—that includes developing new technologies—a whole category of supplementation that we can fulfill. We own that space. We are investing heavily in research development and technology.

Why You Need to Attend Upcoming Events

These are the key areas where we are investing for the future. We are preparing ASEA for a whole new level of momentum and growth in the next decade. We want to extend an invitation to all associates to participate fully in the North American virtual Envision. This training event that’s going to happen will not only accelerate your business over the summer months, but you will also get a glimpse into where we are taking ASEA. Don’t miss this event. Make sure to get yourself and your team there, virtually. You will come out of this event and build momentum towards the next event which is our North American Conference in Nashville and then ASEA Global Convention in Las Vegas in April of 2022.

It’s really important that you build momentum during these events towards the next event and that you have growth and energy going into the Nashville event and the Las Vegas event next year. At these two events, we will be launching new things that will launch us into a whole new phase of business.

Sometimes we can get a little down on the challenges we are facing and can sadden and disappoint us. Our message to you is that we are a team, as associates and as corporate teammates, we are in this together. We are building and moving this legacy forward, aggressively. We can say with as much conviction as we’ve ever felt before that we are moving ASEA forward with confidence. It’s time to take things to a whole new place, where we can fully realize our success. The next 18 months will be a historic inflection point in our company’s history.