Debbie Wetzler
Ambassador Diamond Executive

As a longtime ASEA associate with a worldwide team, Ambassador Diamond Executive Debbie Wetzler knows how to build relationships. Even though lately, that’s had to be done virtually more often than in person, she’s still keeping things real. 

“There’s a lot of underlying stress from this pandemic, even if you don’t realize it,” she says. “If you can help people feel comfortable and make them laugh, even over Zoom, they relax, and they come to trust you.”

Relationship Marketing

At the beginning of the pandemic, Debbie wasn’t thrilled about going completely virtual because she had very real relationships with people. But since that was, at times, the only way to connect, she jumped into networking groups. 

“It’s the number-one way to prospect!” she states. “Virtual networking groups open you up to a lot more people. I’ve been able to really grow my team that way.”

The Virtual Home Party

Now, imagine being one of those new people. You’ve just enrolled into a virtual world of changing lives in a real way. Thankfully, Debbie has a system for getting you going with that. As a new associate, she’ll have you invite three or four of your best friends to a virtual home party.

“I tell them to make sure their invitees understand this is a special, 20-minute presentation, and that it could go longer if there are questions.” 

When possible, Debbie also makes sure each person has a sample tube of RENU28 beforehand so they can experience it during the party. 

The presentation is informal. It’s a time to meet everyone and, of course, get them laughing. “My thing is to make them comfortable,” Debbie says. “People learn better when they’re laughing. They listen in a different way. They’re more open, and they’re even willing to take a little bit of pushing.”

Once ASEA stories and testimonials have been shared, Debbie asks the attendees what their interest level is. This way, the new associate knows exactly what to do for each person. 

The Power of Being Ordinary

As a seasoned ASEA associate, Debbie knows the power of telling an ASEA story. This means creating your signature talk of 20 to 40 minutes—something she’ll be explaining in depth during ASEA 2021 North America Virtual Envision later this month. 

If 20 to 40 minutes sounds long, don’t worry. It should also be flexible. “Once you have the long version of your signature talk down,” she says, “you can start pulling out bits and pieces that relate to each individual you talk to.”

Debbie stresses the importance of making yourself ordinary. “Not everyone has climbed Mount Everest, so meet them in an ordinary place before you show them what’s extraordinary.”