Patti Scallan
Silver Executive

Last year’s unexpected change in the way most people do business caused an upheaval for some, a hiccup for others. But for ASEA Silver Executive Patti Scallan, it was neither. The shut-downs opened up an opportunity.

Efficiency, Upped

While Patti admits that she misses the face-to-face interactions she was used to, she says she may never go back to exactly the way things were. 

“I didn’t go into this pandemic wondering, ‘What am I going to do now?’” she says. “It actually became a silver lining.”

Patti, who was already part of multiple networking groups (some ASEA-related, others not), simply pivoted everything over to Zoom. Her business reached farther and, in her estimation, became more personal. 

“I was able to reach people all over the United States, and sometimes in Europe,” she says. “I love the fact that over Zoom I have the person’s one-on-one attention, whereas at a live event, someone else may walk up and change the dynamic.”

Patti is also spending less time driving and less money on luncheons. “Not that I won’t ever go back to that;” she clarifies, “just not fully.”

All Networking, All the Time

A typical day will see Patti on Zoom for four hours or more, with several networking events each week. These connections give her a chance to present to as many as 20 people at a time as well as in smaller groups, including one-on-one settings.

She’s also found that, because she’s always presenting, there’s no shortage of people to follow up with.

“Even when I’m in a chat room with only four people I have access to everyone who attended the event. That now becomes my follow-up list!”

At any time, she can message one of those people over Facebook or LinkedIn. Patti will tell them that she was happy to see them in the networking group and invite them to connect over Zoom.

“No one ever says, ‘No; I don’t think so,’” she beams. If upon meeting up, Patti finds she can’t use their service, she offers to be a referral for them, and they do the same for her. 

Change Your Story, Change Your Business

To those who may feel stagnated by the pandemic or by anything else, Patti advises a shift in perspective. 

“If you think you can’t progress,” she says, “you need to realize that that’s just the story you’re telling yourself. Change your story, change your business!” 

Patti maintains that the pandemic has given her much more opportunity than she ever had before. “I’m meeting people I would never have met, and my business has grown.”


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