This is part 5 of an ongoing series about the ASEA® Compensation Plan. Previous articles in the series have discussed the topics of earning at any stage, building your team, team commissions and carryover volume, and starting simple. Be sure to check them out. 

One of the most exciting ways you can be rewarded as you advance in rank is through the Executive Momentum Pool (EMP). This lucrative bonus pool represents a full 2% of ASEA’s sales volume worldwide. So no matter where in the world you’re building your business, you can take advantage of growth that’s happening in every country where ASEA operates!

Earning Your EMP

Your EMP bonus is based on three things: ASEA’s global sales, the volume in your personal sponsorship tree, and your paid rank. 

ASEA’s Global Sales

The entire Executive Momentum Pool represents 2% of ASEA’s global sales volume. That amount is divided into shares earned by all qualifiers.

Your PGV 3

The volume that will count for your EMP comes from your personal sponsorship organization—everyone you’ve personally sponsored, everyone they’ve personally sponsored, and so on, regardless of where they fall in your binary tree. Each point of personal group volume (PGV) in the first three levels of this personal sponsorship tree (your PGV 3) earns you one share.

The larger your active team in your first three levels, the larger share of this pool you’ll enjoy!

Your Rank

Your shares are determined by your current paid rank. The higher your rank, the bigger your share percentage. 

Weeks in the Executive Momentum Pool

This bonus pool is set up exclusively for those in the executive ranks of the ASEA Compensation Plan. While we talk about the Executive Momentum Pool as one pool, it consists of four distinct pool levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

Each pool level unlocks when you’re paid at the corresponding rank for two consecutive weeks, and each level has a set number of weeks in which you can be paid an EMP bonus. All four levels together give you 72 total weeks. 

Your weeks in each pool begin as soon as you unlock that level. This means that if you finish all weeks of your Bronze pool but you haven’t yet qualified at Silver, don’t worry! Your Silver pool will wait for you. As soon as you qualify, it unlocks, and your 16 weeks in the Silver pool begin.

Once you’ve unlocked a new pool, be sure to qualify each week at the minimum rank  because your weeks will keep going even if you don’t hit your rank. So if you’re in the Bronze pool, and you’re paid below Bronze one week, your EMP bonus will simply skip that week. In this example, that’s week two.

Perks of Going Fast

Look what happens when you qualify above your minimum rank for the pool you’re in. You get paid at a higher rate! In this same example, you qualified at Silver during your Bronze pool weeks. You’re still in the Bronze pool (you’ll never forfeit EMP weeks!), but you’re being paid at the Silver rate. And as soon as those Bronze weeks finish, your Silver pool will open automatically since you’ve already hit that qualification. 

Think what this means in the Platinum Pool. If you start qualifying at Diamond, you can finish out your EMP with your shares at 100% AND you can qualify for the Diamond Pool as well! (That’s right; you can double dip in the bonus pools!)

This bonus pool represents great earning potential for you, so take full advantage of this income-building opportunity. 


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