“Perseverance and spirit

have done wonders in all ages.”

— President George Washington, letter to General Philip Schuyler, Aug 1775

For the last year, a global pandemic has tested us in ways we never thought possible. As we collectively observe and honor our American resolve on President’s Day, let us remember the lives of those two men. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln stand out as exemplary leaders because they were models of integrity, self-discipline, courage, and resolve.

Resolve At ASEA

When we contemplate the resolve of our nation’s greatest leaders, we recognize the complexities and challenges of maintaining a thriving global business and we confront our current challenges head-on. Modeling after Washington and Lincoln, ASEA does not shy away from adversity, but instead, make a concrete plan to confront it and are continuously committed to solving difficult issues, even when this requires making hard decisions.

This year has been difficult in ways none of us has experienced before, but we’ve proven that we can overcome any adversity that comes our way. We are sustaining steady growth and reporting increased sales volume in every region of the world, and it’s all thanks to the hard work and resolve of each of our ASEA entrepreneurs.

10 Years Running Strong

We are a global leader in cellular health, celebrating our 10th anniversary. We understand that many individuals and businesses have suffered due to the pandemic. Not only do we count ourselves fortunate with the factors that have fallen in our favor, but we are also proud of the foundation and infrastructure we’ve created from day one to ensure our company’s success. We move towards the future, adapting to the new protocols of today’s changing world, by creating tools and resources that will help each ASEA business owner operate at their best. 

We are blessed to reflect on a year of growth and renewed strength, setting our compass to march forward into 2021 and in the future, honoring this President’s Day and for many years to come.