This is part 4 of an ongoing series about the ASEA® Compensation Plan. Previous articles in the series have discussed the topics of earning at any stage, building your team, and starting simple. Be sure to check them out. 

The ASEA Compensation Plan pays you weekly, and the basis of that pay is Team Commissions. It’s calculated as 10% of the volume on your lesser leg. That means that after each commission run, there’s going to be leftover volume on your greater-volume leg. What then? Don’t worry! It carries over into the next commission period. 

Carryover Volume

You’ll start each commission period with this “leftover” volume on your greater-volume leg. It’s called carryover volume, and as long as you remain active and continue to add new volume to your lesser-volume leg, you will never lose it. It stays on the leg it was generated on until it’s either paid or reaches the plan’s carryover max.

Tip: Always grow both legs! Even though you’ll start every commission period with volume on your greater-volume leg, don’t put all your focus on growing your lesser-volume leg. Here’s why: If you go more than four weeks with no new volume on your greater-volume leg, your carryover will start to reduce. 

Carryover Max

While there is a maximum amount  of commissionable volume (CV) you can carry over from one calendar year to the next, it’s not an easy number to reach. Based on your lifetime rank, you can bring anywhere from 2,000,000 CV to 6,000,000 CV with you into the next year. Any volume over the max amount will drop off at the end of the last commission period of the calendar year. 


Annual Max Carryover per Leg
  • RANK                                                       MAX CARRYOVER
  • Triple Diamond and below                   2 Million CV
  • Ambassador Diamond                            3 Million CV
  • Ambassador Double Diamond             3.5 Million CV
  • Ambassador Triple Diamond               4 Million CV
  • Presidential Diamond                             5 Million CV
  • Presidential Double Diamond              5.5 Million CV
  • Presidential Triple Diamond                6 Million CV


Keep Growing

Your Team Commissions earnings can be huge—up to $10,000 in a single week! Each rank beginning at Director 300 has its own maximum payable amount per commission period. You’ll increase your max Team Commissions earning potential with each new rank you achieve. 


Weekly Max Team Commissions by Rank
  • RANK                             MAX COMMISSION
  • Associate                     0
  • Director                       0
  • Director 300             $500
  • Director 700               $750
  • Bronze                         $1,000
  • Silver                            $1,500
  • Gold                           $2,000
  • Platinum                      $4,000
  • Diamond                      $6,000
  • Double Diamond         $8,000
  • Triple Diamond+         $10,000 

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