Over the past ten years, ASEA’s flagship product has changed many lives through its redox signaling technology. As a foundational product for continued innovation, it has attracted intense interest from the scientific and medical community.

We’ve been fortunate to form partnerships with talented researchers and physicians from these communities to create our ASEA Medical Professionals Board (MPB) and Science Council (SC). These board and council members provide important expertise and insights that help us further our understanding and application of redox. In short, they are a part of our ongoing innovation. So, as we look to describe the ASEA pillar of Innovation, we turn to their words.

It All Starts In the Cells

“This is a huge breakthrough,” says ASEA MPB member Dr. Maureen Hayes, “This is something that’s foundational for health. We talk about the organ systems, but what we are really talking about is not a healthy heart, a healthy liver, or healthy lungs; it’s healthy heart cells, healthy liver cells, and healthy lung cells. It starts with the cells and it ends with the cells.”

As a cell signaling supplement, ASEA REDOX has been shown to affect gene expression and activate pathway genes that have the potential to impact five areas of health: immune response, cardiovascular health, inflammatory response, gut health, and hormone modulation. Armed with this new science, our bodies are made up of cells that have to communicate in order to perform their functions. Each cell is made up of salt and water, from which they create the redox signaling molecules that act as cell signaling messengers.

Dr. Hayes explains that ASEA REDOX helps cells to detect, protect, repair, or replace. With redox signaling molecules, communication between the cells is enhanced. And the cells are better able to signal to one another and do their job.

“As a physician, especially as a pain doctor who has written thousands of prescriptions over the years, no prescription I wrote ever came without a warning or side effects that I had to make sure to warn people about,” says Hayes. “This is the first thing I’ve had my hands on that is this powerful and yet this safe and has so many great benefits to it.”

The Redox Difference

We are honored to have been privileged to partner with dedicated redox pioneer Dr. Robertson Ward during his exceptional life. Affectionately known as the “Redox Doc,” Dr. Ward’s clarifying texts and explanations helped so many understand the power of ASEA products.  “These redox signaling molecules are critical,” Dr. Ward stated while serving on the ASEA Science Council. “We wouldn’t live minutes without these molecules being produced. Every cell in our body needs these molecules for communication purposes. The more balanced they are, the healthier we are.”

Redox signaling in its simplest form is communication. It is how those trillions of cells know what to do. It is how those trillions of cells do the right thing, every moment, for us. When you have a communication messenger like redox, then your cells can easily communicate and tell each other what they need to be doing, together.

“We often think about the importance of vitamins and minerals,” said Dr. Ward in an interview. “Well, that discovery came to us a hundred years ago, and while that’s great, today we’ve got new technology. Probably the most exciting technology is the application and supplementation of redox signaling molecules to support our biology.”

Native to the Body

Having a product available with a technology that is native to the body allows the body to use the benefits without having to detoxify. It doesn’t have to worry about how it will manage these strange molecules that are ingested because it already knows exactly what to do with redox signaling molecules. “It’s one of, if not the safest, recommendations I ever make to a patient,” says Hayes.

“These are literally the molecules of youth,” adds Dr. Aaron Kaufman, Family Medicine Doctor. “Without them, we age and our bodies break down. This supplement causes cellular repair and recognition of damage.

“ASEA REDOX causes our cells to do what they are designed to do which in this circumstance is to regenerate like when we were children,” Kaufman continues. “No one else has been able to do that, and what I’ve witnessed in myself and my patients is that the results are just phenomenal.”

Technology Backed By Science

“Without these cell signaling molecules, we simply wouldn’t have immune protection from certain bacteria, we wouldn’t have the gene replication that we need or the DNA sequencing that we need,” says Dr. Kurt Stickley, PhD, VP of quality assurance and R&D at ASEA. “The amount of signaling, the amount of oxidative molecules that we make is being diminished more and more with time. ASEA actually has a combination of the oxidants and the reductants that the body already makes. So all we’re doing with the supplement is enhancing what the body is already doing.”

ASEA REDOX is patent-protected and the only supplement of its kind. Redox is revolutionizing the way people think about their health. Backed by scientific research and reliable endorsements from credible medical practitioners in two ASEA expert panels, it is no wonder such a technological breakthrough continues to gain traction for those in the health and wellness community.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.