At ASEA, we aren’t just in a leading health category, we created one. Our pioneering spirit led to a visionary breakthrough in technology. With strategic leadership, we’ve created a financially strong company that has weathered all sorts of economic storms, but are a company originated and operated by the best in the business, where Fortune 50 meets network marketing in a seamless experience that’s helping entrepreneurs worldwide build a strong business with health and wellness supplements benefitting countless lives.

Until the middle of the twentieth century, no one had a clue what redox signaling molecules were or how they functioned in the body. When ASEA put redox molecules in a consumable product for the first time just a decade ago, no one expected it. Even then, the scarce few people who knew about redox signaling doubted it could be formed into a stable product. It happened only with vision, commitment, and willingness to take a chance.

Experienced Origin Story

Before encountering early redox signaling technology, ASEA Founder Verdis Norton was the sales planning manager of the billion-dollar beverage division of General Foods Corporation in New York, overseeing iconic products like Kool-Aid and Country Time Lemonade. In 1985, he was recruited by Dart and Kraft and eventually became the head of Hobart Corporation in the U.S. near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Five years later he rejoined Kraft foods in Chicago as vice president of the Channel Group managing a billion-dollar pilot business unit that led to the eventual integration of General Foods, Oscar Meyer, and Kraft Foods. Based on his track record, Verdis was asked to help re-engineer the company and increase efficiency. In the subsequent three years, Kraft’s efficiency rating moved from tenth to fifth place. Verdis retired at age 57 and moved to Park City, Utah.

“We thought my father would take retirement seriously,” says Verdis’s son and ASEA Co-Founder Tyler Norton, “but he did not.” Before long, Verdis was running a biotech company in Southern California with five researchers and a handful of graduate students reporting to him. He headed that company for four years, before joining the board of another biotech company.

The Discovery That Changed Everything

Tyler went to visit his father one afternoon and was greeted by chemistry and math textbooks strewn across his desk. Verdis explained that he had been invited to sit on the board of a company that had an incredible technology beyond their own understanding.

He had studied and overcome his own skepticism (Salt water? Really?) through “good, defensible science.” He then started calling universities: Harvard, UCLA, University of Washington, University of Indiana, and major labs across the United States. “Everyone that I talked to was impressed by the product,” remembers Verdis. “They raved about the fact that you could drink this product and benefit from it.”

A Breakthrough Technology

The product in question was based on redox biochemistry, a new field of science that emerged at the turn of the 21st century, examining redox signaling activity essential to all forms of life. Verdis eventually bought the technology outright and began to develop it further to create a product with the potential to enhance cellular health in a profound new way. Once his team of scientists had stabilized the molecules, Verdis met with a group of university scientists.

“When we told them that we had stabilized this mix of molecules,” says Verdis, “they didn’t believe that it could be done.” So ASEA’s founding executives brought it to them and showed them that the product was indeed made up of redox signaling molecules, both positive and negative molecules in the same bottle. “When we witnessed their reaction, we realized that we had a disruptive technology that could help many people.”

A Company With a Mission

It was time to see what the product could do. The Nortons created a focus group of 40 people and asked them to use the product for two months. At the end of the focus group, they found that people had been sharing it, and 40 people had grown into 135 people, who were all taking the product regularly. They also discovered that the product had been shipped to people in 20 different countries.

In response to the results, Tyler resigned from his position in the financial services industry to help introduce redox to the world. ASEA LLC began business operations in July 2009, with just a handful of independent associates. Today, there are tens of thousands, and their ranks are growing every month. In 2012, the company announced its expansion into Europe, which was the first of many international steps to come. ASEA now operates in more than 30 markets worldwide.

What began as a business opportunity quickly evolved into a higher purpose. “We’re creating a culture here,” says Verdis. “We’re creating a family.”

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