Whether you’re just starting your own ASEA business or helping someone else get started, the ASEA® Compensation Plan can seem overwhelming to talk about. But it really can be simple! 

Dr. David Silverman, Ambassador Triple Diamond and ASEA’s 2020 Business Builder of the Year, recalls his first foray into the ASEA opportunity. His sponsor, Ambassador Diamond Debbie Wetzler, asked him if he wanted her to explain the whole compensation plan or if he wanted her to teach him as he grew. 

“I trusted Debbie,” Dr. Silverman says. “I said, ‘Just show me the most important things.’ She said, ‘Enroll, get on autoship so your product will be delivered to you regularly, and introduce ASEA products to people you think could benefit from them as soon as you can. You’re likely to find two people fairly soon who may also be interested in the ASEA supplemental business opportunity. Add them to your new team—one on your left, and one on your right. I’ll help you do it.’”

The ASEA® Fast Start Bonus

The simple actions that Debbie taught David to do will help any new associate get going. You can generate quick income with the ASEA Fast Start Bonus and can also qualify for the ASEA® Director Bonus when you enroll those first two people within your first two weeks in business. 

The Fast Start Bonus is one of the main ways you’ll generate your ASEA income when you first start building your business. Every time you enroll a new associate, you can get a one-time bonus equal to 20% of their initial order, up to $200 per new team member. 

So, if you think back on Dr. Silverman as he was starting out, just in Fast Start Bonuses, he had the potential to earn $400 just for getting those first two people that Debbie helped him sponsor. 

The ASEA® Director Bonus

The milestone every new associate should aspire to is the Director Bonus. It’s time sensitive, so be sure you hit it while you can (your first two weeks)! Place one new associate on your right and one on your left, each with 100 PV (be sure you’re personally qualified with your own 100 PV), and you have qualified at the rank of Director.

Reaching this rank right out of the gate triggers a nice $50 bonus ($100 during our 2x2x Promotion!), but the true benefits of this incentive are the business foundation and sales growth momentum it creates. Sponsoring your first two team members sets you up for success. Your entire business will grow from these two legs.

Ambassador Triple Diamond Terry Latham explains it to his new prospects this way: “Sign up and order products, then find other customers to do the same.”

Up Next: Carryover Volume

In our next article on the ASEA Compensation Plan, we look at carryover volume and how team commissions can benefit you. Until then, remember the key concepts from this article.

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