As a business owner, a mom, and one of ASEA Australia’s top leaders, Nicole Dennis has a lot on her plate. Maybe out of necessity, maybe out of sheer wit (or maybe both!), Nicole has figured out how to simplify her approach to business. She’s big on making sure people don’t feel overwhelmed. And that forms the basis of her unique approach to helping people finding their “why.”

It’s a consistent piece of advice you’ll get from any leader, anywhere in the world: Find your “why.” They’ll even tell you that your “why” should make you cry. 

“One of the most important things you will do to create success with ASEA—really, success for your life—is to understand the potential of ASEA and then get connected to your ‘why,’” Nicole asserts. 

A Little Why Goes a Long Way

But she’s just as quick to tell you that, while connecting in a very real way to your “why” is important, it can, and perhaps should, start as something simple.

“Most of us, when we’re just starting out, can’t connect to the full potential of what can be achieved with this business. So I meet people where they are,” Nicole says. “Finding a why that you can connect with, that feels achievable, is the place to start.”

For Nicole, that first “why” was a financial goal. “I wanted to replace my income,” she shares. So for the first 20 months of building her ASEA business, she also kept going with her project management consultancy. 

Done? Go Find Your Next One!

After 18 months, Nicole and her husband and business partner, Justin Phillips, had reached the rank of Triple Diamond Executive in ASEA, and her “why” had come to fruition. Now she needed a new one.

“I didn’t initially have a notion that my ‘why’ would change,” Nicole says. “It only expanded because I had achieved it.” 

Within a month of that achievement, Nicole and Justin were expecting a baby. “I wanted a certain monthly income so that I could be a stay-home mom” she says. “It was now important to be able to schedule my work life around my family commitment.” Now a “parentpreneur,” Nicole is living that “why.”

And the ‘why’ after that? She’s doing that every day now. “I love helping other women achieve what they want, whatever it is,” she smiles. “My ‘why’ has come to be about making a bigger impact on the world.” 


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