Guest author and ASEA Athlete Michael Ferrell heads Team Feral Catz, a Utah-based amateur cycling team working to help beat Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The team consists of a group of friends racing at the highest levels of amateur cycling with a singular purpose against MS. Several team members have family members struggling with or who have passed due to the terrible disease, and the team uses its platform to spread awareness about the disease and to raise funds to help search for a cure.

On Team Feral Catz we’re about all things bikes. We don’t do anything in a conventional way. We like our wild style, and we want to positively impact the sport by being fun and upbeat. In addition to racing, our team strives to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis, and, for this reason, we participate in various BikeMS charity events across California and Utah. We are dedicated to making a difference for those affected by MS.

As head of the team, I am a Category-1 cyclist who has spent most of my time racing road bikes but have tried my hand at a few other disciplines. My latest plan is to mix in more elite mountain bike racing and to compete in premier gravel racing events in the Western United States. 

I’ve been racing bikes for eight years with no intention of stopping. Cycling provides many unique challenges across so many different environments, so it never gets old. I compete against professional cyclists at my level, so in order to remain competitive, I can’t slack in training, and an essential part of my training is the recovery process. ASEA supplements help me perform at my best while training and ASEA® REDOX aids my recovery sufficiently to continue getting faster and stronger.*

ASEA REDOX has become an essential part of my daily routine, critical to both performance and recovery.* The most notable benefit and what became the most easily recognizable for me is the positive effect it has on my digestive system.* I’ve competed in endurance sports for 15 years. Extended efforts of high intensity had caused me some severe problems in my gut, limiting my performance. I tried adjusting my diet for years and found nothing to solve my stomach issues until a friend recommended I try ASEA REDOX. After two weeks of training and racing with ASEA as a part of my diet, I realized I had no gut issues in back-to-back race weekends, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Now, I rely on the whole ASEA line. I drink 4-8 oz of ASEA REDOX in the morning and at night while also consuming ASEA® VIA™ products with my meals to ensure I’ve got the right balance of vitamins and to limit anything that could derail my training. Thanks to ASEA, I can focus on training, racing, and fueling properly for my events. I no longer have to worry about gut bomb decreasing my potential at the end of a 5-hour race.

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