Today’s post is written by ASEA Athlete Shawn Burke. Shawn has competed in over 200 triathlons and 19 Ironman Competitions in Hawaii, Canada, & Coeur d’Alene, ID, and is an International Youth Conditioning ASSN Youth Fitness Specialist, an Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program Instructor, and a Committee Member of HEAL Idaho (Healthy Eating Active Living). Shawn was a United States Army Ranger from 1980-84. He and his wife own and operate WE CARE Foundation Fitness, a commercial health and fitness center and non-profit specializing in helping at-risk veterans and first responders.

I’ve placed 1st in 56 of my last 58 races, placing 2nd in the other two. I’ve been asked how I get the Gold so often. Last season, at almost 60 years old, I took the overall win at the Coeur d’ Alene Triathlon. You can imagine that many younger age group competitors wanted to know how I got so lucky that day. Athletes never win by luck. The winner is usually the athlete who has prepared the most.

This preparation requires thinking ahead, planning out your training and your races so you are at peak performance when you need to be—when it counts the most. Earning your spot on the center podium can only be achieved in this way. There are only a few components to winning, simple in concept but challenging in execution:

  1. You must train harder, longer, and more effectively than your competition.
  2. You must get clean nutritional uptake at the right times and in the right amounts.
  3. You must get deep and restorative sleep to heal, repair, and build.

You must do these three things with consistency and ever-increasing intensity.

REDOX: A Winning Strategy

ASEA® REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement plays a big part in my winning strategy. It is the only supplement that impacts each of my critical training areas profoundly.* This translates to letting me run the extra few miles, swim the extra hundred yards, bike during a workout at a higher speed—and all for a longer time. Letting me push up my road speed and hold it for a longer interval while still maintaining the same heart rate is a huge advantage.

Even during my weight lifting and strength training, I feel like I achieve more reps and heavier weights with less rest between sets, pushing both my endurance and strength. I have trained both with and without ASEA and I’ve noticed a clear difference.

I once heard a coach tell his team the reason for his curfew was that they were going to sleep their way to a championship season. Championships are won and lost in the night. Sleep is when our body does the majority of its repair and regeneration. You can train like a champion and eat like one, but you will never lead the pack if you are not getting the quality of deep sleep. ASEA REDOX has such a profound impact on my sleep quality.*

Starting Each Day Right

My mornings start with 8 oz. of ASEA REDOX. I like the pouches because they are pre-measured and easy to use on the run. Twenty minutes later, I am training or getting ready to go to work where I coach people all day long. At lunchtime, I take an additional 4 oz., and then again another 4 oz. between 7 and 8 p.m. I end my day with another 8 oz. before I go to bed because I understand that during sleep is one of the most effective times for bio-regeneration, repair, and growth.

I use RENU28® Revitalizing Redox Gel every day after I shower all over my body. Before bed, I use it on my face and neck. I also use it on my quads right before my race starts.

On race day, it is 8 oz. when I get up, and I also take all nutritional supplements. Then, as I am prepping for the race, I take another 8 oz. of the ASEA REDOX 40 minutes before race time, followed by another 4 oz. 15 minutes before the race. If the race goes longer than 2 hours, I take another 4 oz. during the event itself at the 2-hour mark. When the race is finished, I always take another 8 oz. to help my body recover. I feel like I recover faster when I use ASEA REDOX after a race.*

When I share this with people, they are surprised that a supplement could have this profound of an impact. But my results are hard to deny. I win a gold medal in almost every race, with only two silvers and an overall win at nearly 60 years young. And you should too, especially if you are an athlete wanting to find the pathway to the center podium.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.