We Are Redox

Redox is energy that powers all life. And, as all of us at ASEA® know (given we were the first company to promote the power of redox for cellular health*), it is also the foundation of our individual and collective success. It has become part of our identity.

While our genesis and history are certainly cause for celebration, we also remain focused—as always—on our future. Along those lines, ASEA continues to develop breakthrough products to further our 10-year legacy, strengthen our business opportunity, and spread our ethos throughout the world.

Take a look at how we will define ourselves over the next 10 years, based on four important pillars.

We Are Legacy

Fortune 50 meets network marketing

ASEA Founder Verdis Norton’s Fortune 50 experience and pioneering spirit led to a visionary breakthrough. He recognized that a product with redox technology would have the potential to impact people’s well-being in a way nothing ever had before.*

Verdis had a vision to take ASEA® REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement to the world. A decade later, ASEA has become a global leader in an emerging health category of our own creation. What’s more, Verdis’s strategic leadership provided the foundation for a financially strong company.

We Are Opportunity

Here, you business can break through borders

ASEA has grown, thanks not only to our innovative products but to the associates across the world who have been drawn to a business approach that empowers people to design and conduct their business any way they want.

Here, you break from conventional business models—low start-up costs, minimal risk, and cross-border sales—to realize your full potential. In addition, ASEA has never missed a commission payment, having paid out more than $260 million.

We Are Ethos

People, purpose, and principles come first

Our noble purpose of bringing ASEA REDOX to the world matters. ASEA empowers our associates and employees to believe in a life-changing product, to belong to an organization driven by principles, and to become better people, professionally and personally. In addition, through our Advancing Life Foundation, we work to end cycles of poverty, suffering, and abuse globally. 

We Are Innovation

A technology before its time

Since ASEA’s founding 10 years ago, we have redefined health and wellness at the genetic level with meaningfully different products.* Our patented products are based on decades of redox biochemistry research and are certified to contain redox molecules with cellular benefits.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

This material is intended only for the US market.