Guest author and ASEA athlete Nathan Buzimkic started golfing at the age of 16. Six months after vowing to qualify, he headed to Huntingdale Golf Club in Melbourne, Australia, to compete in the state finals where the top four golfers would proceed to the national finals. Nathan finished 2nd with a score of 70. Only nine short months after picking up a club, he was off to compete against the rest of the amateur world, where he finished six under par to win the championship. 

I’ve been training as much as I can to prepare for the upcoming golf season. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the season has been pushed out again, and we are not expecting to get back out on the course until mid next year. Because of this, much of my main focus has been in the gym working with a high-performance personal trainer on some aggressive golf-specific training while keeping up the swing reps in the hours I have left in the day.

My training regimen usually starts with a morning run at 6 a.m. sharp before I head off to see my personal trainer. The sessions incorporate high-intensity training and heavy lifting to create a new base. This training has allowed me to go harder without affecting my results on the golf course. Training can be hard on the body, which is why I value RENU28®. Using RENU28 before and after I train and before I go to bed is changing the game for me.

I apply RENU28 all over my body. This product just gets better and better the longer I use it. The main areas where I apply the product is on my lower back as well as on my hands as they are everything in my profession. Then finally, I apply it on my legs and arms.

The other ASEA product I count on because it has contributed to my energy and overall health in a massive way is the ASEA® REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement. I drink six ounces, two times per day and I make sure to never miss a day. With all the benefits that this supplement brings to me, it is like liquid gold. I can honestly say that ASEA has changed my life and I can not thank the company enough. I am excited to get out there playing again and competing on the big stage.

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