Ed Wiens
Ambassador Diamond Executive

Ed Wiens is an ASEA field leader building his business with his wife Rebekah from their home in North Carolina. They have been with ASEA since 2010.

It’s been a strange few months, but I’m not the kind of guy to kowtow to the threat of calamity. I’m more of a full-speed-ahead kind of guy. I’m an obstacle overcomer. I think most people have that in them as well. I want to share some things that inspire me.

Be Willing to Adapt

I’m a big fan of motivational speaker and author Denis Waitley. His book, Seeds of Greatness, has a great application to the way we’re doing business right now. In it, he lists 10 elements of success in life. One is the seed of adaptability.

We’re created to be flexible. Trees that bend in the wind don’t get blown down. Instead, the very act of bending loosens their roots, allowing them to grow deeper. It’s the inflexible trees that get broken in a storm.

When you’re a work-from-home entrepreneur, you’re already bending with the wind; you already know how to work remotely. We’re used to planting and nourishing seeds. So while this shutdown has changed the way we interact on an in-person basis, it really hasn’t been more than a pivot. 

We still do meetings. Our Super Saturdays are now Zoom-per Saturdays! With the announcement of our upcoming Webvention instead of an in-person convention this year, we’re putting together a local event where we’ll gather in groups of 100 to participate together as much as possible.

Know When to Reroute

Last month marked the 40th anniversary of the Mount Saint Helens eruption. I remember that event. I lived 100 miles north of the volcano at the time, and the blow rattled my windows. 

One of the concerns marine biologists had in the wake of that disaster was the salmon run. The rivers that the fish would need to travel to return to where they had been spawned had been destroyed. But when the steelhead came up the river that fall, they simply bypassed where they had been spawned and went up a different river. Without slowing down, they found a new place to lay their eggs.

Now, decades later, that entire area has bounced back. There’s life where there was once devastation. 

Keep Believing 

Fear is the flipside of faith. Both are currency. Both will get results. It’s just a question of what kind of results you want. You can’t exchange fear for anything of value! So right now, we have to be people of faith. We have to believe it, speak it, and live it. 

An opportunity like ours truly is a personal development program disguised as a business. Everyone has the same opportunity: the same product, the same compensation plan. The only variable of success is what you bring to it!

There are no comebacks without setbacks, and I personally believe that out of this situation is going to come something great—greater attendance at convention, a greater message, and greater leverage for us to put the ethos we have as a company into play. 

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